Sunday, 1 April 2012

An Introduction

A guide to Questing in Middle Earth

This is a guide to Questing in Middle-Earth. I hope that you find it useful - whilst levelling characters through LOTRO I have found that I often wish that there was a guide which would stop me turning in quests just to find out that the follow up of Quest A is actually right where I just went for Quest B.  This guide suggests a sensible order to do quests in and groups up quests in the same location to minimise the amount of time you spend running around from Point A to Point B.

This guide will take you through the same zones as the Epic quests where it is practical to do so.  Where it is not (usually because the zone through which the Epic passes is not the most efficient place to level) I will include a short guide to the Epic only.

Some General Hints for Free/Premium Players

  • You get a free 24 hour (real time) horse in your welcome gift pack - keep this until you get to Bree and then use it to help you quest in your teens.  
  • Get a horse as soon as you can.  To get a horse you need 95TP (to purchase the riding skill from the store) and 500 silver pieces (to get the actual horse).  As soon as you have both these things head to Bree-land and visit the Hengstacer Farm and buy a horse.
  • You automatically get a bank vault, use this to store stuff!  More importantly - you can make it bigger than the 15 slots you start with; for 45 silver you can get 15 more slots - just click the button at the bottom of the bank screen (you can add further space for progressively more coins)
  • Get a house as soon as you can - houses come with chests and chests give you shared storage for all your characters (on the same server) without having to spend TP. You can only have one house per-server and it is shared by all your characters.
  • Hoard your TP until you have bought Evendim - buy your riding skill but then nothing else until you have the quest pack - the store offers lots of shiny things to buy but most of these are aimed at VIP subscribers who get 500 TP every month to spend. You have to earn yours through deeds and you can't progress beyond level 30 without buying quest packs so save your points for those.