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A guide to Questing in Middle Earth

This is a guide to Questing in Middle-Earth. I hope that you find it useful - whilst levelling characters through LOTRO I have found that I often wish that there was a guide which would stop me turning in quests just to find out that the follow up of Quest A is actually right where I just went for Quest B.  This guide suggests a sensible order to do quests in and groups up quests in the same location to minimise the amount of time you spend running around from Point A to Point B.

This guide will take you through the same zones as the Epic quests where it is practical to do so.  Where it is not (usually because the zone through which the Epic passes is not the most efficient place to level) I will include a short guide to the Epic only.

Volume 1: Eregion

There are 4 starter zones, one for each race which cover from level 5-15 (levels 1-5 are covered by the introduction to the game which is so simple a guide seems pointless!)
After this the zones are the same for all races and an efficient levelling path can be found by following the guides below:
Levels 40-50 are probably the most awkward to level through. They are covered by 4 different zones (Angmar, Forochel, Misty Mountains and Eregion).  For a VIP member, it's no problem to visit all those zones (although I've skipped Eregion as you will level just fine without it) but for a Free/VIP player it takes a lot of TP to unlock the areas.

If you're Free / VIP I suggest buying Angmar first and then Forochel and skipping the other two zones entirely. If you can only afford one then I suggest taking Forochel as it will provide quests for the higher levels when you need more xp per level, be aware that if you only buy one quest pack you are going to need to get a lot of XP from Skirmishes etc - I strongly advise getting both Angmar & Forochel if you possibly can.

At Level 50 you can either head straight to Moria or complete the rest of the epic quests in Book 1 - I recommend doing the Epics at least once for the story line but since they consist mainly of repeatedly running from place to place you may like to skip over them on further playthroughs. Note that you will get another 20TP for completing books 9-15 and will gain about half a level of xp.
Volume 2: Moria

At level 50 the mines of Moria beckon. Moria is a lovely place to quest since it was revamped in 2012 - the quests flow logically and there's very little doubling-back to turn things in.
To be continued...


  1. Great guide...I wish you would continue it!

  2. I'm glad you've found the guide useful - I am still working on it, life just has a habit of getting in the way!

    I've added up the start of Moria today (although I suspect you've probably gone past there now!)

  3. Actually, I just started Moria! So I'm happy you're continuing your guide.

    I am Keldzin on Landroval. Send me a tell if you're ever on. :D


  4. Love this guide, keep up the good work! Can't wait for more updates!

  5. Please, please continue...awesome work!