Saturday, 11 May 2013

Volume Two: Foreword (50)

Volume Two Starts in Rivendell in the Trollshaws with the Foreword. You don't have to do this bit to head into Moria but it sets up the story and lets you see the Fellowship depart so for the few minutes it takes to complete I would recommend doing it.

Speak to Elrond in his Library in the Last Homely House and accept the Foreword quest. There are 3 variants of this, one for Men, one for Hobbits and one for Elves & Dwarves.a

Speak to Elrond again to continue the quest.


Ride to the Guest Rooms in Rivendell (30.7,6.2)

  • Speak to Aragorn to accept [50]Foreword: Three Ways
  • Speak to Boromir to accept [50]Foreword: The Strength of Men

Exit Rivendell to the south and pass through the Gates of Imladris. Speak to the Sentinel to continue FW: The Strength of Men

 Return to The Guest Rooms and speak to Boromir to continue FW: The Strength of Men

Return to The Last Homely House:

  • Speak to Gandalf (in Bilbo's Room on the ground floor) to continue FW: Three Ways. 
  • Speak to 2 Elf-Singers in the Hall of Fire (ground floor) to continue FW: The Strength of Men

Return to the Guest Rooms:

  • Speak to Aragorn to turn in Foreword: Three Ways.
  • Speak to Boromir to turn in Foreword: The Strength of Men
Return to The Last Homely House and speak to Elrond (library, top floor) to turn in Foreword: Bulwark of 
thte West. Accept [50] FW: The Fellowship Departs


Speak to Elrond to travel to the instance and watch the Fellowship depart Rivendell. Speak to him again to turn in FW: The Fellowship Departs

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