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Moria: Waterworks (54-55)

The Waterworks

Note: If you have been following my previous guides you already have the quest [54] Aguti's Advice. If you do not have this quest then you need to get it from Simbi in the 21st Hall as several of the quests in Waterworks are unavailable without it.

The Rotting Cellar
The Rotting Cellar

From the Twenty First Hall, take a stable-route to Dolven-View.  Take a further stable-route to Deep Descent and then run south, through the Silvertine Lodes until you reach the entrance to Old Silvertine City. Instead of going through the doors into the city, follow the dirt track further south and into the Waterworks.

Follow the (long) passageways around in a meandering zig-zag. Most corridors end with only one way to turn but eventually you will reach a point when you can go left or right (14.2,112.1). At this point turn left and climb the stairs into The Rotting Cellar. (If you find yourself crossing a long bridge to a Door you can't enter you went the wrong way, turn around and go straight to the end of the corridor then turn right at the end)

At the Rotting Cellar:
  • Speak to Sylfa to accept [54] Some Kind of Safety
  • Speak to Wani to get the stable path
  • Speak to Aguti to turn in Aguti's Advice and accept [54] Studying the Local Wildlife
  • Speak to Gyrgir to accept [54] Dark and Shallow Water

Descend into the Water works down the staircase to the north of the camp (15.3,112.1) and follow the stairs down to the right. Continue downwards until you reach the water level and test the water (15.3,112.4)

Head out into the water and find the 4 Goblin Corpses. At each wait until you "see some leeches crawling in the water" and use the Newt-toxin. Corpses are found washed up just by the edge of the water at:
  • 15.2,112.6
  • 15.4,112.8
  • 15.4,113.4
  • 15.2,113.5

Kill creatures (anything that moves is fair game) until you have 8 Creature Samples then return to the camp:
  • Speak to Aguti to turn in Studying the Local Wildlife and accept [54] The Local Wildlife is Deadly
  • Speak to Gyrgur and turn in Dark & Shallow Water
  • Speak to Sylfa to turn in Some Kind of Safety
  • Speak to Thrand to accept [54] Clearly Problematic

Leave the camp and descend back down to the water level. Head west killing Deep Toads on sight (ignore the map, kills anywhere in the zone count towards the quest)

When you reach the western bank start killing Glass Spiders on sight.  Make your way upwards through the ruins on the north side (stairs start 15.2,114.8) until you find the Brooch of Lorien (15.0,114.3). Examine it to accept [54] Caught in Clear Webs. Continue killing Spiders until you collect 10 glass-spider legs.

Exit the area and return east to the Rotting Cellar. Ensure you have killed 8 Deep Toads before you return to camp then:
  • Speak to Aguti and turn in The Local Wildlife is Deadly
  • Speak to Thrand and turn in Clearly Problematic and accept [54] Spider-Leg Prisms
Go back down to the water level and head south-west until you reach Gabil-Munz.  Repair the lamp at the foot of the eastern stair (16.6,13.3)  then climb up the stairs to the higher bridge levels and repair the 6 Shattered Crystal lamps along the parapets. Descend to the north and fix the final lamp at the foot of the stair (15.8,114.1).

Return to the camp and speak to Thrand to turn in Spider-leg Prisms. Speak to Sylfa to accept [54] Lying in Wait.

Exterior of Hulwul-Nefekh

Descend to the water level again and head south until you reach the Chamber of Dark Waters (with many red fungi) and kill 10 Globsnaga Orcs.

Exit the Chamber to the west and climb up onto the raised platform at Gabil Munz (where you lit the broken lights) to find the door to Hulwul-nefekh (16.8,114.1)
  • Speak to Ansurr to turn in Lying in Wait and accept [54] Fighting the Fungus, [54] Missing Arrows and [54] Out of hte Darkness
  • Speak to Thrand to accept [54] Darkened by Mildew and [54] Mushroom Picking
  • Speak to Gyrgir and accept [54] Drawn to the Water
Exit the camp and descend the stairs to the south then run east until you return to the Chamber of Dark Waters:
  • Hug the western wall and head to the northern end of the area to find Urbhrum (16.6,112.2) and kill him
  • Run to the eastern wall then follow it south to a flooded tunnel (16.9,112.0) and enter the room to the east
    • Examine the Statue Torso Piece (16.9,112.0) to accept [54] Torso of Helgi Goblinbane
    • Head east a little further to find Kraibag (16.8,11.9). Use the Flask of Oil on him then kill him.
  • Exit the small room and continue south ensuring you have collected 6 Fungus spores (drop from Globsnaga orcs)

Take the passage east (17.3,112.0) then swim south-east across the lake and climb out the slope on the far side (17.8,111.7) to find the Fungus Covered Mirror (17.7,111.5). Defend it from the Globsnaga then clean it.

Exit the area to the north-west and continue north until you pass the large central tower. Destroy 10 Fungus Mushrooms (found on the edges of the pools here).

Return south to the camp of Hulwul-nefekh (through door on south-west side of central raised are) and:
  • Speak to Ansurr to turn in Missing Arrows and Out of the Darkness and accept [54] Churning Froth
  • Speak to Thrand to turn in Darkened by Mildew and Mushroom Picking
  • Speak to Gyrgir to turn in Drawn to the Water and accept [54] Toad Slime
  • Speak to Ansurr again to turn in Fighting the Fungus
Exit the camp. From now on kill Deep-Toads on sight. Descend the stairs to the west then bear south-west until you discover Narag-kheleb.

The Great Wheel

Continue west to find the Great Wheel (17.2,115.6) and kill 6 creatures in the nearby area.

Return to camp  ensuring you have collected 8 toad-slime from Deep-Toads. At the camp:
  • Speak to Ansurr to turn in Churning Froth and accept [54] Rusted Works
  • Speak to Gyrgir to turn in Toad-Slime and accept [54] Fighting Slime with Slime
Exit the camp and descend the stairs to the west.  

Continue north -west to a pool filled with greenish-yellow crystals (16.3,115.1) and kill Glow Woms until you collect 6 acid-glands.

Head south-west, into the Drowned Deep, and find the pile of Lizard-Food (16.7,116.9). Use it to summon and kill Stonecrest.

Return to the camp and:
  • Spek to Ansurr to turn in Rusted Works and accept [54] Fungus and Acid and [54] Foreman of the Great Wheel
  • Speak to Gyrgir and turn in Fighting Slime with Slime
Exit the camp, descend the western stairs and make your way back to the Great Wheel. Go past the Wheel and continue south-west until you reach a door (17.6,116.2).

Enter the door and head due-east down the tunnel. Follow the tunnel until it opens out into a large room with falling water. Run through the water and jump into the pool and swim across to the eastern side where you will find Indrith. Speak to him to turn in Foreman of the Great Wheel and accept [54] Gumming Up the Works.

Kill 8 Flood-Lizards and 8 Deep-Toads and return to Indrith to turn in Gumming Up the Works. Accept [54] A Second Go of It.  "/flex" your muscles at Indrith and speak to him again to continue the quest.  Wait whilst he tries to turn the wheel then speak to him again to finish the quest. Accept [54] A New Gear.

Route to the New Gear
Head back towards the entrance you came it and follow the map above to find the gear.

Return to Indrith and turn in A New Gear. Accept [54] Two Problems, One Tool

Cross back over the pool and take the passageway to the north.  Continue down the passageway until you reach another Door. Exit to find yourself atop the great wheel:

  • Unjam 6 Fungus Covered Paddles
  • Remove 6 Slime from the main paddle.
  • Kill 8 Globsnaga orcs

Return to Indrith and turn in Two Problems, One Tool. Accept [54] Off to the Channel.

Exit down the tunnel to the west and return to the camp at Hulwul-nefekh. Speak to Ansurr to turn in Fungus and Acid.

The Vile Maw

Entrance to the Vile Maw

Exit the camp, descend the western stairs and head south-west to the camp of Harazgund outside the entrance to the Vile Maw ( the entrances to the camp are marked by orange crystals):

  • Speak to Kaldi to turn in Off to the Channel and accept [54] Readings from the Basin
  • Speak to Asur to get the Stable Route
Run north to the edge of the Drowned Deep water and draw a sample (stand just inside the pool). Return to Kaldi to turn in Readings from the Basin and accept [54] Reporting the Findings.

Exit the camp to the east then head south to find the door to the Chamber of Wheels. Run due east to find Foreman Indrith and speak to him to continue Reporting the Findings. 

Retrace your steps to the camp at Vile Maw and speak to Kaldi to turn in the quest. Accept [54] An Uneven Flow.

Take a ride to The Rotting Cellar and speak to Aguti to turn in Torso of Heldi Goblinbane.  Take another Stable to Deep Descent, then Dolven-View, then Twenty First Hall.

Speak to Simbi, due south of the stable master, to turn in An Uneven Flow
Speak to Geirfast, due west of Simbi, to turn in Caught in Clear Webs

The Waterworks is now complete. Next up is Zelem-Melek (coming soon!)


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