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Moria: The Silvertine Lodes (52-53)

This guide covers the Silvertine Lodes. It also covers a (small) part of Volume 2, Book 2 of the Epic Quest and assumes that you already have Book 2, Chapter 6. If you do not have this, please see my previous guide on The Great Delving.

The Deep Descent

Bridge into Silvertine Lodes
 Travel to the Deep Descent (Stable from Dolven-view or just run down the passage south of the stable master) and head down the stone staircase to find the Dwarves:
  • Speak to Thettmar to turn in To The Deep Descent 
  • Speak to Styrr to accept [52] Ore Samples 1: The Deep Desent and [52] Lost Dwarf
  • Speak to Falgir and accept [56] The Forgotten Treasury: A Relic of Ages Past. Speak to Garthar standing next to him then speak to Falgir again to turn in the quest and accept [56] TFT: Know Thine Enemy
Exit the camp and return to the stairway. Head south down the stairs and collect 8 Reddish Ore Samples

At the foot of the stairs take the eastern tunnel (left) to find Stiling. Turn in Enemies of the Deep Descent and accept [52] Lawlessness Among Goblins and [52]Armour of the Deeps

Continue down the tunnel into the Goblin camp of Gamil Filik:
  • Kill Gathrok (10.3,111.3)
  • Collect 4 Crude Maps at (10.1,111.8), (10.2,111.1), (10.4,111.3) and (10.5,111.2)
  • Kill 9 Goblins
  • Collect 7 Goblin armour-scraps (drop from goblins)
  • Collect 12 Swatches of Fabric (drop from goblins)
Return to Stiling and turn in Armour of the Deeps and Lawlessness Among Goblins. Accept [52] Dead Fall then use the Dark Passage next to Stiling. Head south from the crack and you will find the Dwarf-Made Dead Fall. Set the trap them walk through the doorway to find Pukhlor. Aggro him then run back through the doorway to catch him in the trap. 

Return north to the Dark Passage and use it to return to Stirling, speak to him to continue Dead-Fall.

Ride south from Stirling (across the path and up into the open land) and bear south-west to find Flik (10.9,112.2). Speak to him to turn in Lost Dwarf and accept [52] In Over His Head. Speak to him again to begin the escort quest (Flik has lots of health, it's a nice one!)

Check you bags for a Fractured Crystal. If you have one use it to accept [52] The Fractured Crystal

Return to The Deep Descent:
  • Speak to Styrr to turn in Ore Samples 1: The Deep Descent and In Over His Head
  • Speak to Thetmarr to turn in Dead-Fall and accept [52] Following the Winding Road
  • Speak to Falgir to turn in TFT:Know Thine Enemy and The Fractured Crystal (if you go the drop for this)
  • Falgir, Hafberg and Garthar will now offer 4 quests for The Forgotten Treasury instance. These need a full Fellowship to complete so only take them if you plan to run the instance.
The Mining Camp

The Mining Camp

Head back down the stairs and take the small tunnel west at the bottom then follow the winding road to the mining camp:
  • Speak to Thalfar to turn in Following the Winding Road and accept Reclaiming the Platform and The Miners of Memem-Brej
  • Speak to Gufi to accept [52] Bright Prospects, Dark Rails
Follow the railway track west from the camp and examine the dead-end. Backtrack to the cross roads and take the northern fork (past the mangled track) to locate the intact tunnel. Go back to the cross roads and continue down the southern fork to find the second dead-end. Return to the crossroads and go east to another crossroad then north to find the final dead end (10.6,113.4).

Head back down the track to the Signpost (10.7,113.4) and use it to post a sign. Go back to the western cross roads and post another sign (10.8,113.7) then head down the souther spur to post the final sign (11.0,113.7).

Return to the camp and speak to Gufi to turn in Bright Prospects, Dark Rails. Accept [52] They Mined too Fast and speak to him again to travel to the instance.  Work your way through the instance collecting Mining Picks - 5 are at ground level, the sixth is up on a raised platform near the end of the cave. When you have all 6 the instance completes, leave and return to Gufi and turn in They Mined too Fast.

Follow the railway line from the camp to the north-east, down into the mine of Menem-berej.  Collect the Crude Maps (sitting on little table on one of the platforms).

Climb onto the central platform (ramp at 11.1,113.0) and repair 8 gears. Collect 2 more Crude Maps (on tables on the north & south edges). Ensure you have killed 12 enemies then return to the camp.

Speak to Thalfar to turn in The Miners of Menem-Berej and Reclaiming the Platform. Accept [52] Lighting the Pit.

Return to the mining pit and light the lamps along the way. The path is as follows:
  • Take the railway down to the second landing (10.6,112.9) (1 lamp) 
  • Turn off onto the winding path which goes down and east. (2 lamps)
  • Take the wooden platform to teh south (1.9,112.7) and follow it around the edge of the mine, down under the main platrom (6 lamps).
  • Note this route if you plan to run Forgotten Treasury, the entrance to the instance is at the very bottom of the mine shaft.
Return to Thalfar once 9 lamps are lit and turn in Lighting the Pit. Accept [52] Sori's Exploration.

Before we move on take a short detour for the Epic: Leave the camp and climb up onto the hill to the north (so you are looking down at the camp). Head east onto a wooden platform to find the 4th Crude Map (10.5,112.9)ee

A Lone Explorer

Follow the railway east to the first crossroads then then south to find Sori (11.9,113.0). Speak to him to turn in Sori's Exploration and accept [52] Luminous Goop and [52] Ore Samples II: The Mine Shaft.

Head West and kill Deeps Glow-Worms until you collect 15 Goop and collect 8 Ore Samples from Yellow-Traced Ore.

Return to Sori and turn in Luminous Goop and Ore Samples II: The Mine-Shaft. Accept [52]Ore-Samples III: The Tunnel

Head slightly north and collect 3 Silvery Ore Samples from around the large support posts, then head south-east down the Tunnel and collect the remaining 5 samples.

Return to Sori and turn in Ore Samples III: The Tunnel. Accept [52] One Absent Miner.

Follow the railway down the tunnel where you collected Ore samples and find Nykr's Corpse (12.5,112.6). Examine it then kill the Dragonet which spawns (lvl 52, signature).

Return to Sori and turn in One Absent Miner. Accept [52] Following Ondott.

The Old Silvertine City

A Very Secret Door

Go back down the tunnel to the south-east and find the (not) very secret door. Go through the door to find Ondott in Old Silvertine City. Speak to him to turn in Following Ondott and accept [52] The Colours of Crystals, [52] Unwelcome Tunnellers and [52] Dragonets of the Old Silvertine City.

From now on kill Deep Claws on sight (10 total)

Descend the stairs and examine the Riddle at the bottom to accept [52] A Riddle in an Old City. Take the path to the south (left) and: at the end take the bridge to the right. Destroy 6 Filthy Nests.

Continue down the tunnel until it opens out into a chamber filled with crystals. Collect 9 Crystals (head east following the railway until you reach a large bridge then double-back and follow the railway north)

Return along the tunnel, past the nests, to the staircase you came down. Don't climb the stairs but cross the bridge to the south and follow the other pathway. Examine the Plaque with a Snake on (12.1,11.3) to complete A Riddle in An Old City then enter the room to the east and examine the plaque on the eastern wall to accept [52] Riddles in the Stone.  There are 6 Stone Chests in the room, examine the one by the correct symbol (Moon) to receive a key

 Kill 10 Dragonets.

Return to Ondott and turn in Riddles in the Stone, Dragonets of the Old Silvertine City, Unwelcome Tunnelers and The Colours of Crystals. Accept [52] Ore Samples IV: The Old Silvertine City

Head back down into the city, towards where you destroyed the nests, and collect 8 Blue-Tinged Ore

Return to Ondott and turn in Ore Samples IV: The Old Silvertine City. Accept [52] The Deep Descent Awaits the use Ondott's Goat to travel instantly to The Deep Descent.

Speak to Thettmarr to turn in The Deep Descent Awaits and accept [52] To The Chamber of the Crossroads.

Return to Dolven-View (run or take the stable) and continue your adventures in Durin's Way

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