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Prologue: Men (5-15)


After completing the Introduction (after the instance with the burning of the village) you will return to Archet, however will now be in the non-instanced "real" world. You should be level 5 or 6.

You will have "Prologue: Burying the Dead" which you received from Jon Brackenbridge during the Introduction.

Visit the Mailbox and read "A Letter of Commendation". Detatch the item from the mail then open the Gift Pack in your inventory. Read the Letter of Commendation to accept [5] A Message of Thanks.

Speak to Constable Thistlewool to turn in A Message of Thanks and accept [6] Disease Among The Boars

Speak to him again and choose "Barter Items" and exchange your Tokens of Salutation for a Novice's Mark and one of each potion. Equip the Novice's Mark to gain 10% Run Speed.

Speak to Atli Spider Bane, by the fountain, to accept [5] A Threat from Spiders then speak to Carl Sprigly to continue the quest

Visit your class trainer (by the south exit) and train any new skills

Exit Archet to the south. From now on kill Diseased Bristlehides on sight (6 total).

Follow the path south until you find the body of Dirk Mudbrick. Bury Him

Continue south until you reach the path junction with a guard post, take the eastern fork and find Wil Wheatley's body behind some bushes. Bury Him

Contniue down the path to the Sprigley Farm. Examine the Dead Farmhand to retrieve Sprigley's Bow and collect Sprigley's Strongbox and Seed Bag.

Enter Sprigley's Cellar and take the tunnels north, east, north (run straight past the spiders and let them chase you, they won't do enough damage to matter as long as you don't stop) to take a shortcut to the Old Road then run east to the Hunting Lodge to bury Nate Whisperwood.

Return to Archet making sure you kill any remaining Boars on the way:
  • Speak to Constable Thistlewool to turn in Disease Among the Boars
  • Speak to Jon Brackenbrook to turn in P: Burying the Dead and accept P: An Urgent Summons
  • Speak to Builder Earur to accept [8] Builder Earur
  • Speak to Cal Sprigley to turn in A Threat From Spiders and accept [7] Finding Reason then speak to Atli Spider-Bane to continue the quest
Run back to the Old East Path (near the Hunting Lodge), jump over the low ruined wall in front of the entrance and find Bali to continue the quest.  Enter the cave behind Bali and search 5 cocoons to retrieve the missing journal pages then exit the dungeon to the north. 

Return to Archet and speak to Atli to turn in the quest and accept [9] Spider-Bane (note that this is very easy to do at lvl 7!)

Return to the cave on the Old East Path and head down the western tunnel to find Iornaith (you can run past all the spiders until you reach her room as they will de-aggro when you enter). Kill her.

Exit the dungeon to the south to emerge on the Sprigley Farm, head west and retrieve the Toolbox (by a tree near the path from the gate, protected by a Mad Bristlehide.

Return to Archet:
  • Speak to Atli to turn in Spider-Bane.
  • Speak to Earur to turn in Builder Earur and accept [7] Message to Taylor Green
Exit Archet to the south, ride all the way south and through the wooden fence and into Coombe

Aiding Combe

Enter the Comb & Wattle Inn and speak to Lizbeth Honeymeade to continue P: An Urgent Summons. Go down the hallway on the south side of the Inn and follow it around to find Tordan in his room. Speak to him to turn in P: An Urgent Summons and accept P:Finding Amdir

Exit the Inn and head around to the right, up some stairs, to find Constable Underhill. Speak to him to continue P:Finding Amdir

Speak to (from west to east):

  • Gail Catchpole to accept [9] Mourning the Dead
  • Maida Woodwright to accept [9] Reconnecting Ties
  • Constable Sageford to accept [9] Blackwold Valuables and [9] Unpaid Debts
  • Ted Pickthorn to accept [7] Beneath the Hanging Tree
Continue east along the path to find Constable Wren. Speak to him to continue Mourning the Dead and Reconnecting Ties.

Head up the hill behind Constable Wren to find a field of Stumps (29.9,47.9) and dig 3 stumps

Return to Coombe and speak to Ted Pickthorn to turn in Beneath the Hanging Tree and accept [8] The Logger's Ledger

Head east from Combe until you reach the Combe Lumber Camp and:
  • Speak to Mason Thorne to continue the Logger's Ledger
  • Speak to Taylor Green to turn in Message to Taylor Green and accept [8] Den of Wolves
  • Speak to Posco Burrows to accept [9] Posco's Uncle
  • Speak to Old Bauman to accept [9] Old Bauman's Farm
Continue east along the path and into Chetwood North, find Filbert Burrows standing by a tree and continue Posco's Uncle.

Continue east along the path to find the Blackwold Lockbox (27.9,44.7) and loot it

Continue along the path to the east until you find Old Bauman's Farm and kill the Blackwold Supervisor to find Rurik's Receipt then kill Blackwolds in the area until you collect:
  • 5 Heirlooms
  • Old Sally's Chain
Return to the path and find 2 Blackwolds protecting a Brigand Agent's Letter (28.2,43.8) - loot it for Finding Amdir

Continue along the path to find Cole Sickleleaf at the top of a ruin to the right of the path (27.0,42.8), kill him to collect Filbert's Handkerchief

Run west to find Covell Woodwright standing outside the Blackwold Headquarters and speak to him to continue Reconnecting Ties

Return west down the path ensuring you have killed 8 wolves and killing bandits until you have the following drops:
  • Favourite Fishing-Pole for Mourning the Dead
  • Mason Thorne's Ledger for The Logger's Ledger
Speak to Filbert Burrows and continue Posco's Uncle 

Return to the Combe Lumber Camp and:
  • Speak to Old Bauman to turn in Old Bauman's Farm
  • Speak to Taylor Green to turn  Den of Wolves
  • Speak to Posco Burrows to accept turn in Posco's Uncle
  • Speak to Mason Thorne to finish The Logger's Ledger and accept [8] Pickthorn's Treasure
Exit the camp and run up the hill to the south-west to the Stump Field.  Dig at the Stump to collect Pickthorn's Treasure 

Run north-west towards Coombe and speak to Constable Wren to continue Reconnecting Ties

Head in to Coombe and:
  • Speak to Ted Pickthorn at his house to turn in Pickthorn's Treasure
  • Speak to Constable Sageford, standing on the road, to turn in Unpaid Debts and Blackwold Valuables and accept [10] More Treasure and [8] Rurick Fennel, Locksmith
  • Speak to COnstable Underhill, by the Training Hall, to turn in Prologue: Finding Amdir and accept [10] Prologue: Cutleaf's Good Intentions
  • Speak to Maida Woodwright, by the stable master, to turn in Reconnecting Ties
  • Speak to Gail Catchpole, by the well in front of the inn, to turn in Mourning the Dead
  • Speak to Rurik Fennel, on the path towards Bree, to continue Rurik Fennel, Locksmith
  • Return to Constable Sageford and turn in Rurik Fennel, Locksmith and accept [10] Blackwold Thieves
  • Speak to Burl Beeman, north of the Inn by the merchants, to accept [12] Friendship's Renewed
Exit Coombe to the north-west, along the path by Burl Beeman, and enter Ellie Cutleaf's House (28.1,50.6). Speak to Ellie Cutleaf and continue Prologue: Cutleaf's Good Intentions

Head back to the forest of Chetwood North and run east until you find Skunkwood's Farm - look in the pens on the right to find Skunkwood's Den-mother and kill her.

Exit the farm to the north and continue until you reach the Blackwold Headquarters. Enter the ruins and find the Strongbox (26.6,44.0) and then head west, across a bridge, until you find Sergeant Applewood in the north-west corner of the ruins (26.4,44.9), kill him to received Rurik's Key.

Exit the ruins and return to Combe, speak to Constable Sageford to turn in More Treasure and Blackwold Thieves

Continue through Combe and return to Ellie Cutleaf's Cottage, speak to Ellie and turn in Prologue Cutleaf's Good Intentions and accept [10] Prologue: Greater Responsibility

Run west through the Lumber Camp and into Chetwood North, as you pass the first ruined wall turn left and take the western path to find Blackwort (around 28.3,46.2). Collect four.

Run back into Combe and take the road south towards Bree until you see a sign on your right for Leecher Cartwell, take the path (doubling back on yourself) and enter Leecher's House. Speak to Leecher Cartwell and continue Prologue: Greater Responsibility

Exit the house, return to the path and run north towards Bree. As you pass through the wooden palisade marking the edge of Combe you will see a small house on your left, go behind the house to find Beehives and use one to collect some Honey.

Continue on south to Staddle and run through the town and out to the east until you reach a forested area where you can collect 6 red-berries.

Run west through Staddle then north to Combe and visit Leecher Cartwell in his house on the hill just before you enter the town. Speak to him to continue Prologue:Greater Responsibility.

Exit Cartwell's and run through Bree and out to Ellie's house. Speak to Ellie to finish Proglogue: Greater Responsibility. Accept [11] Prologue: A Critical Strike.

Run back to Chetwood North and make your way to the Blackwold HQ in the north-eastern corner of the forest. Enter the ruins and, in the central area, interact with 6 slaughtered sheep to poison them.

In the north-east corner of the ruins find and kill Jagger Jack

Return to Combe, ride through the town and out to Ellie's House, speak to Ellie and turn in Prologue: A Critical Strike. Accept [12] Prologue: The Hideout

Run into Combe and speak to Toradan, who is upstairs in the Comb & Wattle Inn, to continue Prologue: The Hideout.

Exit the Inn and leave Combe by the western road, at the constables hut take the right hand fork towards the lake then ride through the stump field and jump off the cliff by the waterfall to find the Door to the hideout at the foot of the waterfall.

Enter the hideout and complete the instance then return to Combe and speak to Constable Underhill, outside the training hall, to turn in Prologue: The Hideout. Accept [14] Prologue: Chasing Amdir

Into Bree

Exit Combe to the south and ride toward Staddle, on the way find Lolo Wendingway standing by his wagon, speak to him to turn in Friendship's Renewed and accept [12] The Errant Coinpurse. CLimb the hill behind Lolo and kill Bears until you receive Lolo's Backpack. Return to Lolo and turn in The Errant Coinpurse (There is a 15 minute timer on this quests but it should only take a couple of minutes unless you are very unlucky with the drops).

Speak to Lolo again and accept [8] Into Bree and [8] On to Staddle.

Head into the nearby Bree Gatehouse and speak to Bruner Stoutthrush to turn in Family Treasures and accept [9] Pipe-Weed Delivery. Continue into Bree and speak to Second-watcher Heathstraw, who is standing outside a house to the south of the fountain, to turn in Into Bree. Accept [14] Meeting the Mayor.

Run south to the Bree-town Hall at the southern end of the block and speak to Mayor Graeme Tenderlarch to turn in Meeting the Mayor. Accept [14] A Tour of Bree.
  • Exit the town hall and run north to find the crafting hall on your right just before the fountain and speak to Bonny Thatcher 
  • Exit the craft hall and speak to Second-watcher Heathstraw (in front of you)
  • Run north and enter the Prancing Pony to speak to Barliman Butterman, the inn keeper
  • Exit the Inn and run east to speak to Lily Sandheaver, outside her house just to the north of the path before the Stable Master
  • Continue down the eastern path to speak to Harry Goatleaf, the Stable Master
  • Turn around and run back west to find Watchman Cardoon a few paces back down the path
  • Run down the southern path next to the Watcher to find teh Vault (guarded by 2 Watchers) on your right, speak to either Vault Keeper
  • Exit the Vault and cross the street to find Whitemane's Taxidermy, speak to Clar Whitethorn
  • Exit the Taxidermist then run south and take the first path on the left to find the door to teh Scholar's Stair Archives just under the first bridge and on your right, speak to Newbold Leafcutter
  • Exit the archives, turn left to retrace your steps then head south through the Stone Quarter and take the path on the right to find Mat Heathertoes (by a half-starved pony) 
  • Retrace your steps to the stone quarter and examine take the eastern path. Stop to read the Posted Bill and accept [14] Turtles in the Soup then double back to find Mandrake's shop a few paces away. Speak to Mandrake to continue Turtles in the Soupt
  • Exit Mandrakes and continue down the eastern road until you reach the Bree Jail (apparent from the Prisoners oustide it), speak to Lily Appledore
  • Run futher south, through the Woodsmans Gate, to find the Bree-town Auction Hall, speak to an Auctioneer
  • Exit the auction hall obtain the nearby Stable Route then take the western road to find Tad Leafcutter outside the Bree-town Hunting Lodge
  • Return to the Mayor at the Town Hall and complete A Tour of Bree. Accept [14] The Trouble with the Southerners

Exit Bree to the east and ride to Staddle

Aiding Staddle

In Staddle:
  • Speak to Logo Daegmund to accept [14]Ailing Hound
  • Speak to Constable Tanglerush to continue Prologue: Chasing Amdir and accept [12] Dangerous Boars
  • Speak to Wacher Redweed to turn in On to Staddle and accept [14] Scouting the Marshes, [14] Two Chieftains and [12] Gammy Boggs
  • Speak to Watcher Reedy to accept [14] Neekers in the Marshes
  • Speak to Himloc Grouse to accept [12] Message for the Constable
Exit Staddle to the east and find Falco Greenhand just to the south of the path outside his house and continue Concern for a Friend
Run north-east and find Gammy Boggs outside her house and turn in Gammy Boggs and Concern for a Friend. Accept [12] Eyes of Staddle
Run east to find Lily Underhill by her house and continue Eyes of Staddle
Return to Gammy and turn in Eyes of Staddle and accept [11]Lily's Secret
Return to Lily and continue Lily's Secret

Ride west to find Eldo Swatmidge outside his farm (the one furthest to the east) and speak to him to continue Ailing Hound and accept [10]Widow's Farmhand

Ride east, and just a little south, to find Asphodel Froghorn outside her house, speak to her to complete Widow's Farmhand and accept [10]Widow Froghorn's Pipe-weed

Collect pipe-weed from the field just to the west of her house then speak to her again to continue the quest

Ride back to Eldo to turn in Widow Froghorn's Pipe-weed and accept [10]Quality and Character

Run south to find Constable Bolger by his house and turn in Message for the Constable. Accept [12] Stolen Pipe-weed

Go a few paces further south and collect 6 red lillies, kill boars and bears as you see them

Keep heading south and enter the ruins of Ost Baranor, find the Barrel of Stolen Pipeweed (33.3,48.4) and then exit the ruins

Run north and ensuring you have killed 10 boars and 6 bears and return to Asphodel Froghorn to continue Quality and Character

Run east and speak to Eldo to complete Quality and Character. Accept [10] Farmer's Market

Return to Asphodel Froghorn and continue Farmer's Market

Run north and return to Lily Underhill and continue Lily's Secret

Run west and return to Gammy Boggs and turn in Lily's Secret. Accept [12] Falco's Garden
Run south-west to Falco and continue Falco's Garden

Continue west into Staddle and
  • Speak to Himloc Grouse to turn in Stolen Pipe-weed and continue Farmer's Market and accept [14] The Vigil
  • Speak to Constable Tanglerush to turn in Dangerous Boars
Exit Staddle to the east and speak to Asphdel Froghorn to turn in Farmer's Market and accept [10] Wanetta the Wedge

Ride back to Eldo and continue Wanetta the Wedge, return to Asphodel Froghorn and continue Wanetta the Wedge, return to Eldo and turn in Wanetta the Wedge

The Midgewater Marshes

Ride east from Eldo's house until you reach the Midgewater Marshes, from now on kill neeker-breekers on sight.

Run east until you reach the Sunken Stones (31.9,45.6) and kill 3 goblins here.

Continue east until you reach the Goblinhole ruins (33.0,43.2), enter the main camp from the eastern end and kill Gurzrum (33.1,43.1) then leave the camp and run west to find Gurzstaz by two small tents (32.8,43.0)

Climb the hill behind Gurzstaz camp to find a small friendly camp (32.5,43.5):
  • Speak to Bill Mossfoot and turn in Scouting the Marshes and Two Chiefains. Accept [14] The Threat of Fire
  • Speak to Roderick Neeker-Friend and accept [14] Neeker-Friend
Roam the swamps and kill 8 Sappers, kill Sickle-Flies until you have 4 wings, and kill Neeker-Breekers until you have 3 fennel-seeds (check you've killed 8 in total but it will probably take a lot more!)

Return to the camp and:
  • Speak to Edda Twiggins to turn in Neekers in the Marshes, accept [14] Spiders in the Midegewater
  • Speak to Roderick to turn in Neeker-Friend, use the key you receive to open the Chest next to Roderick for a nice reward
  • Speak to Bill to turn in The Threat of Fire
Run north-east from the camp to The Mustering Cave (30.7,42.8) and enter it, speak to Mudol to finish Prologue: Chasing Amdir and accept [14] Prologue: To A Ranger's Aid

Run west until you reach the ruins of the Marshwater Fort. Interact with the Ancient Altar (31.2,44.9) to discover the deed The History of the Dunedain 

Enter the ruins and clear the spiders from inside the first "room" to give yourself some space.  Advance cautiously towards the back of the ruin until the marsh-queen aggros and walk back into the space you have killed before you attack her. It is important not to attack before you have pulled her out of the back room - if you attack whilst she is in the back her two brood-watchers will aggro (and if you're very unlucky a marsh-spider too) and the three (four) together are likely to kill you.

Ensure you have killed 6 marsh brood-watchers and 4 marsh-spiders and then return to the camp and speak to Edda to turn in Spiders in the Midgewater

Return to the Marshwater Fort and run into the area the marsh-queen was in and you will see a Door on your left, enter the Door to start Instance: To A Ranger's Aid (clear the first few spiders and then just run past the queen)

Complete the Instance and exit through the door Amdir takes - this will leave you on the western edge of the Marshes, run south towards Staddle and speak to Eldo to continue Ailing Hound

Run south-east to Constable Bolger and continue Falco's Garden. This will trigger an attack by Brigands, you must defeat 3 waves of 3 brigands and must not let the Constable die. He only has about 350 health and cannot take much damage so you need to make sure the brigands are all attacking you!

When you defeat the brigands Constable Bolger will tell you to tell Falco he is safe, return to Falco and do just that to complete Falco's Garden. Accept [14] Fixing Falco's Folly

Run south through the woods and enter the ruins of Ost Baranor and find Jasper Mudbottom in the south end of the ruins (he is lvl 13 signature and has a lvl 9 and 10 bandit protecting him). Kill the bandits first to reduce incoming damage then take out Jasper himself (this is not a very hard fight and definately does not require a fellowship!)

Run north towards Staddle and speak to Falco to turn in Fixing Falco's Folly

Ride north from Falco and up onto the hills over the lake then find and kill 3 Blackwold Thiefs (lvl 13 signature) and their leader Vance Whiteman (lvl 14 signature)

Return to Staddle and:

  • Speak to Himloc Grouse to turn in The Vigil
  • "Speak" to Gar to continue Ailing Hound and then to Longo to complete the quest. Accept [12] Unwell Water
  • Speak to Watcher Redweed to turn in Two Chieftains and accept [14] Report from Staddle
Run west from Staddle to Lily's House and speak to lily to turn in Unwell Water. Accept [12] The Wise Woman

Return to Staddle and use the well in the centre of town then run south-east with the bucket until you find Willowsong by Silverwell (32.3,47.4). Speak to her to complete The Wise Woman and accept [12] Fresh Flowers

Run south-west a few paces to collect 6 Wildflowers from around The Yellow Tree (32.7,48.0) then return to Willowsong to complete Fresh Flowers. Accept [12] All's Well that Ends Well 

Run back to Staddle with the bucket and approach the well to deliver the bucket then speak to Longo to compelte All's Well that Ends Well

Ride into Bree and speak to Second-watcher Heathstraw by the fountain to turn in Report from Staddle

Run north to the Prancing Pony and speak to Barliman to turn in Prologue: To A Ranger's Aid.

You have now completed the Prologue.... now onto Book 1!

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