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Volume Two, Book 1: The Walls of Moria (50-51)

Book 1 is the introduction to Moria, here we will follow the dwarven expedition as it prepares to re-enter the great halls and explore the depths of the mines.  You will also receive your first legendary weapons.  All quests in this book are Level 50.

Travelling to the Walls of Moria

Take the stable path from Rivendell to Echad Candelleth. Exit the camp and follow the river south until you reach Galberts Cottage (38.3,14.6) then cross to the eastern side of the river and follow the path up into the hills.

As you enter Eregion you will pass through a valley and then the scenery will open up. Bear north immediately to find the camp of Gwingris and speak to Baidhrochiel to get the stable path (40.2,16.0).

Exit the camp and follow the road south to Echad Eregion and speak to Rochdur to get the stable path (47.0,12.6)

Exit the camp and ride south-east to Echad Dunann. Speak to Rocherves to get the stable path (50.6,7.8)

Ride east from Rocherves to find Rothwald (50.6,7.6) and speak to him to accept B1C1: Strangers in Hollin.

The Walls of Moria

Ride east, through the portal, into the Walls of Moria and speak to Tulk to turn in B1C1 and accept B1C2: Along the Sirannon.

Kill 4 Spying Crebain and collect 4 Jagged Talons from the corpses then return to Tulk to turn in B1C2 and accept B1C3: Bosi the Dwarf

Follow the path east to find Bosi and turn in B1C3 and accept B1C4:Outside the Gate. Speak to Sandar to to accept Expedition: Unwelcome in Hollin (we'll do this in a little while)

Ride north along the dirt track and speak to Brogur to accept Expedition: Four Dwarves.  From now on, speak to any Dwarf Workers you pass to deliver their lunches

The Brackwater

Continue north-east along the dirt track until you reach The Brackwater cave. Speak to Valgut and accept Expedition: Danger Beneath the Surface

Enter the instance:
  • Speak to Throttolf and continue E:Four Dwarves and accept Expedition: The Top of the Waterfall
  • Take the tunnel west and then take the first path tot he south. Ignore the path to the west and follow the curving tunnel north until it opens out into a large cavern
  • Speak to the Unlucky Dwarf
  • Head to the eastern side of the room and take the southernmost tunnel to the east (the norther one is a dead end)
  • Follow the tunnel until you find Wethur. Speak to him to continue Four Dwarves
  • Count two tunnels to the right of Wethur (the tunnel leading south) and take the passage to emerge on a shelf overlooking the main cave. Turn right to find another passage leading upwards and follow it to the top of the waterfall. Speak to the Unlucky Dwarf and open the Dented Strongbox.
  • Jump down the waterfall and speak to Throttolf to turn in E:The Top of the Waterfall
  • Exit down the northern tunnel and speak to Valgut to turn in E:Danger Beneath the Surface
Return west along the path and speak to Brogur to turn in E: Four Dwarves.  

OPTIONAL: Accept The Fall of Moria (this is a session-play which you can complete later if you choose to)

Aiding Bosi and Broin

Head east along the path and deliver the remaining packed lunches. When you deliver the final 2 lunches speak to Warr, standing behind the two workers, to continue the quest.

Ride all the way back along the path to Bosi and turn in C4: Outside the Gate and accept C5: Handling the Situation

Search the surrounding area and collect 6 Thick Branches (look under the trees) 

Ride east along the main path to find Bori (by the stairs) and speak to him to turn in C5: Handling the Situation and accept C5: Keeping Sharp

Head down into the river bed (just to the south) and collect 6 Eregion Stones

Return to Bori and turn in C5: Keeping Sharp. Return to Bosi to turn in C5: Handling the Situation. Accept C6: Cousin Brogur

Take the dirt track to the north and follow it until you find Brogur. Speak to him to turn in C6: Cousin Brogur and accept C7: Wolf-voices on the wind

Return to Broin and speak to him to accept C7: The Glorious Tale of Broin the MIghtly

Ride south-west, across the river bed until you reach the far south-west corner of the region killing 3 Shadow Wolves as you ride.


Continue to the cave of Filgogan (53.0,7.5)

Speak to Simbi to accept [50] Expedition: Orders for Half-Orcs and [50] Expedition: The Common Thread.

Enter the instance:
  • Collect the Partial Report from the fireplace by the entrance
  • Examine the Burned Wolf Corpse by the fireplace
  • Turn right (north) and continue along the tunnel until you find Trausti. Speak to him to take [50] Expedition: Unpleasant Business
  • Continue along the tunnel (west) to a fireplace and collect the List of Promises
  • Take the next fork to the left to a fireplace and collect the Map of Hollin
  • Go down the nearby ramp to another fireplace and collect the Threatening Missive
  • Go around to the left (east) to another fireplace and collect the Half Orc Orders
  • Retrace your steps to the fireplace with the Threatening Missive and head north, then east across the wooden bridges
  • Continue east to find Graug on his throne, defeat him
  • Search the Bone Pile to the left of Graug's throne to locate the Gold Tooth
  • Collect the information:
    • Partial Report
    • Map of Hollin
  • Ensure that you have killed at least 8 Half-Orcs and collected 6 Painted Stones from their corpses.
  • Return east across the wooden bridges and continue east, up the stairs, then east along the corridors until you return to Trausti.  Turn in Expedition: Unpleasant Business.
  • Continue to follow the tunnel east, then south, until you reach the exit to the cave.
  • Outside the cave, speak to Simbi to turn in Expedition: Orders for Half-Ocrs and Expedition: Teh Common Thread
Ride north east and return to Sandar to turn in Expedition: Unwelcome in Hollin

Return to Broin, on the stairs, and speak to him to turn in C7: The Glorious Tale...

Return to Bosi, by the wagons, and speak to him to turn in C7: Wolf-Voices on the Wind and accept C8: Before the Doors of Duin.

Danger from The Black Pool

Speak to Bosi again to travel to the instance.
  • Follow Bosi through the instance and protect him from wargs until you receive the Repaired Pick-axes
  • Leave Bosi and ride east along the path, follow it around the edge of the Black Pool until you find Warr
  • Speak to Warr then put the Pick-axe in the Pick-axe crate
  • Speak to Brogur then ride back along the path (the way you came in) and speak to the 3 dwarves throwing stones (Rokur, Sebbi and Bori)
  • Return to Brogur and speak to him then speak to Bosi
  • Clear some rubble from the gate (just interact with it)
  • Enjoy a cut scene where the dwarves encounter some (un)suprising problems
  • Abandon your poor dwarven comrades and run back along the path all the way to where you fought the wargs
  • Speak to Bosi to finish the instance
You will be deposited in Nan Sirannon, take the opportunity to clear out your bags etc at the nearby camp 

OPTIONAL: Speak to Rathwald to continue The Fall of Moria and play through the session then continue as below.

Speak to Rathwald to turn in C8: Before the Doors of Durin and accept C9: A Weapon of the Elder Days

Ride west to find Hundi at a campfire just west of Echad Dunann. Speak to him to turn in C9: A Weapon of the Eldar Days. Note that this quest rewards you with your first Legendary Item, some classes (.e.g Wardens) only have one option, others will have between 2-4 weapons to choose from - think carefully about what you pick as you will be using this for a long time! Accept C10: Forgotten Lineage

Speak to the stable master Rocherves ( at the main camp 50.6,7.8) and travel to Rivendell (swift-travel and normal stable routes are both available)

Head north to the forge of Rivendell and speak to Dithalion (28.6,6.2) to continue C10:Forgotten Lineage

Speak to Snar (standing to the left of Dithalion) to identify your legendary weapon (Click weapon then click 'Identify Item'. A box will appear identifying your weapon and it's legacies (3 bonuses it gives you). Close the box and equip the weapon from your inventory

Speak to Dithalion again.

Open your Legendary Item Panel (press Shift-I or find it on the menu at the bottom left of the screen) and select one of the 4 Settings to add to your weapon. Pick the one which best complements your character and press 'Slot Relic'.

Speak to Dithalion again to turn in C10 and accept C11: Worth Beyond Measure.

Open the Legendary Item Panel again slot one of the 3 Runes you received (find them on the Runes tab under Relics). Also click the 'Track' Button (above the Relics Box). This puts an experience bar on your screen.

You now need to kill mobs until the legendary weapon reaches level 10. The easiest way to do this is to run a skirmish (Ctrl-J to open join window). I suggest picking an offensive skirmish for speed (I chose Trouble at Tuckborough) but you can run whatever you like as long as there are lots of mobs to kill!

Speak to Dithalion to turn in C11 and accept C12: Forged Anew

Speak to Snar and choose the Reforge tab. Enter a name for your weapon (if you want to) and press 'Reforge Item'. A box will appear offering a choice of two additional Legacies, pick one and press 'Select' then Close the confirmation box.

Open the Legendary Item Screen and note that you now have 90 points available to spend. You can allocate these to your legacies to raise their ranks. Decide which look the most useful and level them up a few ranks (note that you can increase the rank of the DPS stat - if you're not sure which legacy is best this is a good place to spend points!)

Speak to Dithalion again to continue C12.

Ride south to the stable master, Ladrochan, and take a ride back to Echad Dunnan (swift & normal travel available). Speak to Rathwald to turn in C12 and accept C13: The Watcher in the Water. Speak to him again to travel to the instance.

Complete the instance then speak to Rathwald again to turn in C13 and accept C14: Khazad Dum at Last.

Enjoy a short cut-scene then enter the Mines of Moria. Speak to Tulk (standing in front of you, to the right) and turn in C14. Accept Book2, Chapter 1: Echoes in the Dark.

OPTIONAL: You received your second Legendary Item as a reward from C14. It can't be used until you identify it - if you've got higher level characters feeding you gear, your probably don't care (so skip to book 2). If this is your first time you should get that weapon levelled up as soon as possible so do the following:

  • Speak to Fith, the Stable Master to get the stable route. Take a ride to Dolven-view and speak to Asgil, Forge Master (8.4,112.3) to identify you second legendary.
  • Slot a Setting and Rune onto the legendary 
  • Speak to Dufa, the stable-master and buy a ride back to Durin's Threshold

Now it's time to explore Moria, starting with The Great Delving

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