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Annuminas (39-40)

This is a pictorial guide to Annuminas which will take you around the area completing all of Orchalwe's missions.  I have written this guide from a solo-perspective however if you can find a friend to group up with then I highly recommend that you do as it will make things considerably easier.  I have tested this guide to confirm that it is achievable with a level 39 character, I would not recommend you start here at a lower level unless you are an experienced player who is very familiar with their class.

Please note that you will need the Evendim Quest Pack, or a VIP subscription, to obtain the quests in this area.

You should already have Eye of the Storm if you followed my previous guide.  If you don't have it then simply skip the turn-in when I mention it, you can still take all the other quests.

Head to Echad Garthadir in Annuminas - it is possible to run from the Eastern gate (see map below) however at lower levels this is a difficult route and if you are struggling to get through you can jump in the lake and swim out and around to the west, around Tul Annun - it's a bit of a swim but once you land on the western shore you should only need to kill 1 or 2 invaders to clear a path through to Echad Garthadir.

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At Echad Gartadir:
  • Consider binding your milestone (the only graveyard is outside Eastern Gate, you will appreciate an easy way back in!)
  • Speak to Adadhrond and turn in Eye of the Storm. Accept [38]Orchalwe's Mission 
  • Speak to Dannassel and accept [39]Time of Need
  • Speak to Eireneil and accept [39]Agarochir, Keeper of Tirband
  • Use the smoke signal to summon Orchalwe and accept [38] Monuments of Angmar and [38] Untoward Aggression
  • Head down the stairs to the north and inspect the Plaque of Echad Garthadir (18.9,70.9)
Note: You can use the Smoke Signal you have been given to summon Orchalwe throughout Annuminas and he will aid you in your battles.  He's not very sneaky though so if you're trying to avoid pulling mobs select him then right-click his portrait to open the pet-menu and dismiss him.

From now on keep an eye out for Hidden Caches and search any you see, most will be empty but eventually you will find 6 that are not!

Exit the camp to the west and accept [39] Shoring up the Defences from Orchalwe search 6 piles of rubble then speak to Orchalwe to turn in Shoring up the Defences

Continue up the hill and and round to the south. As you approach a stone staircase speak to Orchalwe and accept [39]Redeeming the Defiled

Continue up the stairs to the Angmar monument (19.8,70.1) and kill Guldurchir then interact with the monument to hang a ranger flag. Exit the area ensuring you free 6 defiled corpses form their cages. Speak to Orchalwe to complete Redeeming the Defiled

Head back to the path and go west until you see a large pack of mobs, skirt around them to the right and discover Clorhir. Speak to Orchalwe to accept [39]Wish upon a star. 

Continue straight ahead then jump into the river and collect 6 Ancient Coins. Be careful not to get too close to the left hand side of the river or else you will pull the mobs on the bridge above. Speak to Orchalwe to complete Wish Upon A Star

Climb out of the river on the far bank and investigate the Plaque of Clorhir (19.0,68.7) (For the Deed Markers of the Sunken City

Wait for the Gorthorog Warrior to move to the far left of the screen then pull the far left mob and kill it. Dismiss Orchalwe and sneak through the gap you've made and hang the flag on the monument. Hide in the safe spot if you need to wait for the patrolling Warrior then run out to the right

You have now entered the Tirband control point. If it is hostile be sure to hug the left hand wall then exit through the gap on the left.

Keep an eye on the patrolling Gorthorog Warrior and skirt around to the right-hand side of the area

Then skirt to the right again and enter the courtyard to the right of the bridge

Follow the wall until you see the monument.  First pull the Gorthorog Warrior into the clear gap in front of the monument and kill it. Then run straight at the right-hand archer and kill him. Stay on his right-hand side and you will avoid aggroing the invader on the left of the monument. Hang the banner.

Now return to the previous courtyard and cross to the left-hand side facing the bridge.  The next bit is the hardest in the area. Firstly, note the patrolling sorceress (far-side) and Gorthorog (near-side). Wait until they arrive at the bridge at about the same time and have both walked away.

Next clear the 3 elite mobs before the patrols return. Start by pulling the brawler on the left and ignore the archer when it aggros. Burn the first Brawler then take out the Archer (at which point the Brawler on the right will aggro). Kill the Archer then drag the Brawler up onto the ramp and pick up the Sorceress as she returns (this is necessary to avoid also picking up the patrolling Gorthorog).

This method means you are only ever fighting 2 signature mobs at a time and, whilst it's not great, it is definitely survivable if you use all your class skills (i.e. mez stuff if you can).  Try and keep Orchalwe alive as he will heal you and you are unlikely to make it through all the mobs without him.

Now that the worst is over move up onto the bridge itself. Dismiss Orchalwe (to avoid pulling all 4 mobs together) and wait until you have seen the two patrolling Gorthorogs come & go.  Pull one pack of guards back along the bridge and kill them. Then return and kill the second pack. 

Wait for the Gorthorog patrols to return and note that one is slightly behind the other. Let the first one go and pull the second one as it turns. Pursue the second Gorthorog down the bridge and kill it.  When you reach the center of the bridge stop and inspect the Plaque of Ariant on the left hand side.

Continue along to the end of the bridge and climb the stairs on the far side. Speak to Orchalwe and accept [39] Honouring the Dead and [39] Respecting the Rulers from Orchalwe.  Continue straight down the bridge and light 6 torches.  The mobs here walk a zig-zag pattern and if you time it right you should be able to pull nearly all of them individually.  When the 6th torch is lit speak to Orchalwe to turn in Respecting the Rulers

Continue to the end of the path and and accept [39] Titan of Ty Annun. Kill the Titan (direcly ahead of you) and speak to Orchalwe again to complete the quest

Return along the bridge until you reach a set of stairs on your right. Dismiss Orchalwe (to avoid him pathing through a mob-pack) then descend the stairs, hugging the left wall, until you reach the platform in the middle of the staircase.  Cross over to the right-hand side and leap down to the right to land directly on top of a  you will land on a sleeping Gorthorog. Kill it. Re-summon Orchalwe and explore the right-hand side of the room and collect whichever five strongboxes require the least effort to obtain then dismiss Orchalwe

Make sure Orchalwe is dismissed then head back towards the staircase and skirt around the pack at the foot of the stairs then get over to the wall on your left.  Run directly to the left-hand corner of the wall and collect the final strongbox. From this point run in a straight line to the High Priest and kill it where it stands. Hang the flag on the monument then leap into the water behind.  If for any reason this goes wrong and you aggro the insane number of mobs surrounding the monument run back up the stairs you came down and back along the bridge you entered on - there's about a 50/50 change that the patrolling Gorthorogs are far enough away for you to drop aggro before you run into them.

Swim west through the ruins until you emerge into the Port of Annuminas.  Re-summon Orchalwe and turn in Honouring the Dead and accept [39] Open Channels. Kill four of the lookouts perched on the rocks in the water and speak to Orchalwe again to complete the quest.

Climb out onto the eastern end of the docks at the Port of Annuminas (on your right / to the north) and speak to Orchalwe to accept [39]Fire and Water then head along the "friendly" pier where Gwonil is standing and burn 4 of the Angmarim Boats moored at the end. Speak to Orchalwe again to complete Fire and Water

Continue west along the docks and interact with the Monument to Angmar (17.1,71.1) to display a Ranger Flag

Speak to Orchalwe to accept [39] Drowning at the Docks then head out onto the docks and aid 3 downing prisoners (kill the 3 guards tormenting them then speak to them to free them. Speak to Orchalwe again to complete Drowning at the Docks.

Run back to the eastern end of the docs and swim back south to Annuminas proper. Climb the stairs to emerge by the Gwaelband control point (do so carefully if under enemy control!)

Keep an eye out for Archivist Anraig, a level 49 elite who patrols around here and avoid him at all costs.

Cross the bridge to the east and skirt carefully past the mobs until you can accept [39] Lament of the Fallen from Orchalwe.

 Clear the pack of 3 (normal) mobs then burn the 5 Fallen Rangers and speak to Orchalwe again to complete the quest.

Continue east into the Angmarim encampment and accept [39] Fire in the Sky. Burn the two large tents (one right by entrance, one just east) and speak to Orchalwe again to complete the quest.

Return across the bridges to Gwaelband and take the path south up the hill.

Skirt around the pack of Angmarim and pass through the stone doorway.  Speak to Orchalwe to accept [39]Banners of the Iron Crown.

Start by clearing the two patrolling Gorthorog, then clear the mobs on the stairs on your the right (pull from right to left and you can avoid aggroing all 3 at once) and burn the banner in the center of the lower courtyard

Climb the stairs and wait until the two patrolling high priests come close enough for you to pull them individually.  Next take out the two archers sitting in the center of the room by the fire.

Dismiss Orchalwe and work your way over to the left hand side and take out the patrolling mob. Sneak around to the front (i.e. near the courtyard where we started) and burn the banner there. Return to the center of the room and edge closer to the center-left banner until you can just reach to burn it without pulling the pack of mobs sitting behind it.

Check to see if any of the patrols on the right have re-spawned and kill them if they have. Sneak up the right hand stair case, hugging the left-hand wall, and double-back on yourself to burn the banner at the top of the stairs.  Jump off the wall and repeat the same move on the left hand side of the room but do not jump down.

Now - check if you have revive available. If you do not be aware that the next step goes from a Sure-Thing to a Hail-Mary... you may want to come back later!

Summon Orchalwe and walk around the back of the structure in the middle of the stairs.  You will arrive in the middle of a pack of 3 High Priests. Kill them where they stand (again this is a difficult fight, keep Orchalwe alive for his healing and mez whatever you can / chug a few potions).

Finally, we come to the worst monument of them all.  If you think you can take two lvl 40 signature mobs solo then dismiss Orchalwe for a slightly better chance of not pulling extra mobs, if not leave him up and pray!  Run straight at Valtair, hit him once and run directly behind the monument. If you are lucky only 1 add will come with you and you will be able kill them both. If you are unlucky then you could get up to 5 mobs following you and you will almost certainly die where you stand.  If this happens do not return to the graveyard but revive where you are. Provided you do not move you will not aggro the mobs and you will be able to hang your flag on the monument.

Mount up and run like hell through all of the re-spawned mobs in the courtyards and don't stop until you reach the main camp.

Check you logs and you should have finished Monuments of Angmar and Untoward Aggression.  If you haven't yet killed 10 Gorthorog's then return to the courtyard from the previous step and pull the two patrolling the lower courtyard ones until you are done.

Return to Echad Garthadir and speak to Orchalwe and turn in Monuments of Angmar and Untoward Aggression then continue Orchalwe's Mission.

Speak to Adadhrond to turn in Orchalwe's Mission and accept [40]Reclamation.

Ride to Tinnudir and speak to Orchalwe there to turn in Reclamation (either take fast travel from the stable master or ride through Annuminas to High Kings Crossing and take the stable route from there - if you don't mind the repair cost then dying to the first mob you see will deposit you at the graveyard outside Eastern Gate).

And your done! Now would be a good time to do the Epic Quests in Book 4 - read my guide here

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  1. Thank you for a good guide!

    However, you've missed two quets(sorry no names, but i checked locations for you):
    west - 13.4S, 71.4W - pillars with etched names
    north - 18.3S, 71.0W - look over the lake