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Evendim Part 1 (30-36)

A note to free players: when you start playing the game all the initial quest areas are open to you; as you level up you will need to unlock additional areas by purchasing quest packs from the LOTRO Store using Turbine Points (TP).  It costs 595 TP to buy the Evendim quest pack and you will not be able to quest in this area until you have purchased it (note that there are no level 30+ areas you can quest in without spending TP and I believe Evendim offers the best value for "money" so would recommend getting this over other options)

The best route into Evendim is via The Shire. You can fast travel to Michel Delving free from Bree -West Gate, Celondim or Thorin's Hall. Ride north east until you pass through Greenfields and into Evendim and the town of Oatbarton. Set your milestone to Oatbarton and:
  • Speak to Nod Gardener to turn in Oatmeal Problems and accept [30]Northcotton Farm
  • Speak to Hal Gamgee and complete Near the Bounds of the Shire for 10TP

The Northcotton Farms (30-31)

1. Return south down the main road to (23.6,67.5) and head west at the junction following the road up into the hills. At the top of the path turn right through the arch and follow the winding path through the farms to Northcotton Market Grounds (22.2, 68.8).

2.Speak to Albin Northcotton and turn in Northcotton Farm. Accept Northcotton Farmer's Market

3. Ride south-east and speak to Milo Longfurrow to accept [30] Gathering up the Equipment and [30] Lights for the Market - keep an eye out for tools in the fields (they sparkle) and Light-posts (also sparkly). Interact with them as you head south to the Northcotton Animal Pens (23.4, 68.7)

4. Speak to Gerard Deephole and accept [30]Gathering up the sheep.

5. Exit to the north and head west to the Northcotton Bakery (23.3, 69.0). Talk to Rosa Brockhouse and accept [30] Gathering Flour. Pick up a sheep from the nearby field and take it back to Gerard (to the pen at 23.5, 68.6). Note that you can mount up - the sheep disappears but ride into the pen and you get credit. Go and get 3 more sheep.

6. Speak to Gerard again to finish Gathering up the Sheep. Accept [30]Gathering the Chickens. Go back to the Northcotton Bakery, find 4 chickens and bring them back to the chicken pen (23.4,68.9). This can only be done on foot.

7.Speak to Gerard again to complete Gathering the Chickens, accept [30] Mudding the Pigs. Exit the pens turn left and then right to reach the pond at the Northcotton Vineyard (22.9,68.8). Grab a bucket and return to the pig pen at (23.4, 68.5). Repeat twice more.

8. Speak to Gerard again and complete Mudding the Pigs, accept [31] Feeding the cows. Ride east then follow the path north and take the first path on your right to (23.0,68.4). Collect 6 bags of feed and kill 6 Thieving Shrews. Return to the animal pens and interact with the 6 troughs (23.5,68.6). Return to Gerard and complete Feeding the Cows. Accept [31]Animals Tended

9. Exit and head west through the fields until you reach the Northcotton Wind-mill (23.5,69.9). Collect 8 wheat from the fields then speak to Edulf Tunnelly to continue Gathering Flour, Kill 4 rats in the fields next to you and then speak to Edulf again to continue the quest.

10.Exit the mill to the north to the Northcotton Pipe-weed house (23.1,69.8). Speak to Blossom Gamgee and accept [30] Harvesting the Pipe Weed. Run south, then west to the pipe weed field at 23.3,69.5. Collect 8 pipe-weed and kill 6 crows then return to Blossom & complete Harvesting the Pipe-Weed

11. Accept [30]Sorting The Pipe-weed and interact with the 3 barrels just north of the house. Return to Blossom and turn in Sorting the Pipe-weed.

12. Accept [30] Drying the Pipe-weed. Run north to then east to 23.0,69.6 and interact with the 3 drying racks. Return to Blossom and complete Drying the Pipe Weed.

13. Accept [31] Sample the Pipe-weed and interact with the samples on the table to your left. After collecting each bag use the pipe to sample it. Speak to Blossom to complete Sample the Pipe-weed and accept [31] The Pipe-weed is done.

14. Exit south and follow the path east, then north, then west back to the Northcotton Bakery. Speak to Rosa and finish Gathering Flour. Accept Gathering Jam. Run north and interact with 6 Grape Vines then a Crushing Tub (22.8,68.9). Jump into the tub and perform a dance (type /dance into the chat window). Interact with the tub again and speak to Theobald Longfellow (22.8,68.8) then return to Rosa and complete Gathering Jam.

 15. Accept [30] Gathering Eggs run east to the Northcotton Animal Pens and collect 6 eggs (23.4,68.9). Return to Rosa and complete Gathering Eggs.

16. Accept [31] Gathering Butter, return to the animal pens and interact with 4 cows (23.5,68.6). Use the churns on the porch of the house (23.5,68.7) 8 times to make butter, return to Rosa and turn in Gathering Butter. Accept [31] Delivering the Pies.

17. Exit the pens and follow the path east, then north. Ensure you have collected all the farm tools and lit all the lamps then head to Longfurrow's House (22.5,68.6) and speak to Milo Longfurrow to turn in Gathering the Equipment and Lights for the Market.

18. Accept [30] Pulling Weeds, ride north to the Northcotton market ground and pull 12 weeds. Return to Milo and complete Pulling Weeds.

19. Accept [30] Planting Scarecrows. Ride east to  find the scarecrows hidden behind a house at (22.1,68.0). Collect 6 then head into the nearby fields and interact with 6 Mound of Dirt to place the Scarecrows. There are 2 mounds in fields near the house, 3 down the path to the west and 1 further west at (22.6,68.8). Return to Milo and finish Planting Scarecrows.

20. Accept [31] Planting Flowers. Flowers are found all round the south-west of the northcotton farms. Ride around until you find 5. Ignore the Biting Sand-Flies that appear - they won't hurt you. When you have 5 flowers return to the Northcotton market place and interact with 5 Planters. Return to Milo and turn in Planting Flowers. Accept [31] Chores Done.

22. Ride back to Oatbarton and speak to Nibs Chubb (23.2,66.6). Accept [30] Farmer's Bane and [30] Oats for the Westfarthing. Enter the field behind the house, collect 12 Oats, kill 8 swarming locusts and 4 locust-queens.  There is a deer corpse at (23.2,66.1) - approach it and a Starving Whitemane will appear - kill the hungry wolf and you "find something amiss".

23. Return to Nibs and turn in Oats for the Westfarthing and Farmers' Bane. Accept [30]Collecting the Bait and go and speak to Hal Gamgee (23.0,67.2) to continue the quest. Ride north and kill an elk to get Elk-Meat and return to Hal to complete Collecting the Bait.

24. Accept [30]Setting the Trap and run north to 21.8,67.0 and clear the 4 sleeping wolves from outside the cave then interact with the Rock to place the bait and summon Bonefang. Kill him and return to Hal to complete Setting the Trap. Accept [31] The Road is Clear

25.Return to the Northcotton Market Ground and interact with 4 tables to place the pies. Speak to Albin Northcotton and turn in Delivering the Pies, The Pipe-weed is done, Animals Tended, Chores Done and The Road is Clear. Once all 5 are turned in speak to him again to complete Northcotton Farmers Market. Accept [31] Farmer's Market is Open.

All of these quests have awarded Gift Mathoms on completion - if you are not a hobbit you may not have seen them before; simply right-click the Mathoms in your inventory to receive 700 reputation points with the Mathom Society.

Dwaling - Cause for Complaint (31)

1. Return to Oatbarton and take the road out of the town to the north (23.0,67.0). When the road splits (21.9,65.1) take the left hand fork.

2. When you reach a large oak tree (20.8,64.7) speak to Grimric Brockhouse to get the stable route

3. Head south east to the right of the tree to the Glass-Blowers Camp, set your Milestone then speak to:
  • Hob Hillbrow and complete Farmer's market is open. Accept [31]Dwalings Plight
  • Ronald Dwale and accept [31] Lost Dog
  • Bob Greeneaves and accept [31]Goblins and Spiders
  • Mundaric Sandheaver and accept [31]Sand for the Flame
4. Exit the camp to the north east and turn east at the oak tree by the stable master into Dwaling. Head up the rise on the northern side of the valley and clear mobs until you see the Satchel of Glass-blowing tools protected by a Chief's Captain (signature) at (20.7,64.1). Kill the captain and collect the tools then return to Hob to complete Dwaling's Plight. Accept [31]Trouble in Dwaling

5. Go back into Dwaling through the nearest entrance and head south to 21.1,63.8 to find ruffians at Pearlina's house. Kill the Chief's Watcher and return to Hob to complete Trouble in Dwaling. Accept [32] A Formal Complaint

6.Speak to Ronald to continue A Formal Complaint and then return to Dwaling to the house at 20.9,63.9 and ring the doorbell. Fight Will Tuffin until he decides he has more important things to do then return to Hob to continue the quest. Speak to Bob to travel to the Big Hole to "resolve" the complaint.

7. When the complaint is resolved exit the instance and return to Hob to complete A Formal Complaint.

Spiders, Goblins & Glass (31-32)

1. Ride south from the Glass-blower's camp

2. Head to The Bleakleaf Crest  and search the Corpse of Spider (22.3,64.0) to continue Goblins and Spiders.

3. Ride east to the river and collect 15 white sand. Kill Burrowing Sand-norbog's until you receive the Lost Dog.

4. Return to the Glass-blowers' Camp and:
  • Speak to Ronald to complete Lost Dog; accept [31]Recovering the Lost Leaf
  • Speak to Bob to complete Goblins and Spiders; accept [31] The Goblins' Source
  • Speak to Mundaric to complete Sand for the Flame and accept [32] An Increase of Nerbyg and [32] Tooth and Scale
  • Speak to Wald Hillburrow and accept [32] A little touch of red and [32]A Shade of Blue
  • Speak to Pearl Goodbody and accept [32]A Bit of Sparkle and [32] A Tinge of Green
  • Accept [32] Men of the North. 
4a. Ride into Dwaling and find the lost leaf in the central valley at 20.9,64.1. Return to Ronald and complete Recovering the Lost Leaf. If you can be bothered to travel to Michel Delving (shire capital) accept [31]Missing the Meeting. Otherwise leave it.

4b. Ride south into the forest and kill  8 wood-web spinners and 8 wood-web hunters. Return to Bob and complete The Goblins' Source. Accept [32] Hobgoblin's Recipe

5. Ride south to The Bleakleaf Crest and:

  • kill Hobgoblins until you have 8 tarnished river-stones
  • Collect the Hobgoblin's recipe from a bubbling pot
  • Collect 3 torches and use them to burn 3 bubbling pots

6.Make your way back up to the river bank and work your way north along the shore:

  • Kill Salamanders for 8 Salamander-Teeth and 8 Salamander-Scales
  • Kill 12 Sand-Nerbyg and collect 8 Norbog-Shells
  • Kill Flickering Limrafn and collect 8 Limrafn Essences

7. Keep going north until you start to see sand-lurkers and find and kill 2 Huge Sand-Norbog (which are harder to find but are in the same area).  Kill Sand-lurkers until a Pile of Soggy Weeds drops. Accept the quest [??]A Pile of Soggy Weeds

8. Continue North until you reach High King's Crossing (which is on the bridge).

High King's Crossing (32-33)

1. At High King's Crossing

  • Speak to Trevadir to get the stable path.
  • Set your Milestone to High King's Crossing
  • Speak to Adleithian and accept [33]Scavengers of Barad Tharsir
  • Speak to Hertdur and turn in A Pile of Soggy Weeds. Accept [32]Weeds of the River, [32]Hiding Underfoot, [32]Danger among the Dunes
  • Speak to Daerol and accept [33] Entrances of Barad Tharsir
  • Speak to Gaelnarthan and accept [32]Ancient Log Book
  • Speak to Sardan and complete Men of The North. Accept [32]Repairing the Catapult
2. Ride south-east to the ruins of the lighthouse 14.5,62.8 and search Piles of Rubble until you find the tattered page.

3. Continue east until you reach the beach and swim over the river to 13.8,61.6 and collect a bundle of rope. 

4. Cross back over to the western beach and:
  • Kill sand lurkers until you have 8 piles of soggy weeds
  • Collect Bundles of Rope, pieces of driftwood,  small flywheels and oil pouches from the rivers edge
  • Turn over small rocks at Lithost (15.9,61.6) to reveal burrowing silt-crawlers and kill 6. You should receive an Ancient Ring from one of them. Accept the quest [32] Jewels of a Crawler
5. Swim across the river 
  • Collect any remaining catapult parts from the beach
  • Find the 4 entrances:
    • Head to the southern end of the tomb and find the unmarked room 15.9,60.6
    • Go north and enter the gateway at 15.8,60.8 and continue straight on to the Armoury 15.7,60.5
    • Return to the gateway and turn right immediately before it, follow the path around to the right and up the hill to the dining hall 15.3,60.5.
    • Continue up the hill to find the Barracks 15.5,60.4
    • Exit through the gate at 15.2,60.8 and go right (north) to the Storeroom at 15.0,60.5
    • Ensure you have killed 12 scavengers 
6. Return to the western beach and ride south to the Glassblower's camp. 

7. At the Glassblowers' Camp:
  • Speak to Bob and turn in Hobgoblin's Recipe
  • Speak to Pearl and turn in A Tinge of Green and A Bit of Sparkle
  • Speak to Wald and turn in A little touch of Red and A Shade of Blue
  • Speak to Mundaric and turn in An Increase of Nerbyg and Tooth and Scale. Accept [32]Blower of Glass
  • Use the forge next to Mundaric 3 times then speak to Mundaric again to complete Blower of Glass

8. Use your milestone to return to High King's Crossing (or use the stable master if you're on cooldown)

  • Speak to Adleithian and turn in Scavengers of Barad Tharsir. Accept [33] Robbers of Barad Tharsir
  • Speak to Herthdur and turn in Hiding Underfoot, Jewels of a Crawler, Weeds of the River and Danger Among the Dunes. Accept [32]Jewels of Evendim.
  • Speak to Daerol and turn in Entrances of Barad Tharsir. Accept [33] Relics of Barad Tharsir
  • Speak to Gaelnarthan and turn in Ancient Log-Book. Accept [33] Sunken Shipwreck
  • Check your bag for Tomb-Raider's Sashes - these can be right-clicked for reputation with The Wardens of Annuminas.

Aiding the Wardens (33-34)

1.  Exit the bridge to the south and follow the path to the left up into the hills.

2. Once on top of the hills curve east until you are overlooking the bridge again and find Cudhaer by the large catapult at 14.5,64.7. Speak to him to complete Repairing the Catapult. Accept [32] Defending the Catapult.

3. Kill 4 scouts in the woods to the south (near the tall trees) and return to Cudhaer to complete Defending the Catapult

4. Head south-east to the beach killing any Silt-crawlers you pass on the way. At the beach swim into the middle of the river and find the sunken wreck at 15.1,61.4. Collect 6 Pieces of Wreckage

5. Continue across the river to Barad Tharsir and
  • Head for the Unmarked Room and kill Odgen Oakes who patrols this area. Loot his orders from his corpse.
  • Head into the central ruin towards the Armoury and collect the broken sword from the camp by the Armoury (15.8,60.4)
  • Head towards the Dining hall and kill Ansley Atwood (who patrols between the Armoury & the Dining hall in the central ruin). Loot his orders from his corpse,
  • Climb up to the Barracks, kill the two guards and exit through the small door-way in the north west corner onto a rooftop to find the Time-worn vase. (15.3,60.5)
  • Leap off the roof and through the crack in the wall onto the hills behind you. Follow the wall around to the left to find the Broken Shield (15.2,60.6)
6. Return to the western shore and kill silt-crawlers until you have 10 pieces of jewellery

7. Return to High King's Crossing
  • Speak to Adleithian and turn in Robbers of Barad Tharsir. Accept [33] Raiders of Barad Tharsir
  • Speak to Herthdur and turn in Jewels of Evendim
  • Speak to Daerol and turn in Relics of Barad Tharsir. Accept [33]Treasures of Barad Tharsir
  • Speak to Gaelnarthan and turn in Sunken Shipwreck. Accept [33] Lighthouse on the Baranduin
  • Speak to Sardan and turn in Defending the Catapult. Accept [33]Crown of the Colossus
  • Use the knotted rope hanging from the ceiling and "/look". Then go back down by using the rope (it looks like a brown pole)
  • Speak to Sardan again to complete Crown of the Colossus and accept [33]Tinnudir, Vestige of Men
7. Exit to the south and ride back up into the hills to the ruins. Enter the doorway to Tinnudir Keep and kill the Carrion (which appears when you descend the stairs)

8. Head back to the river and swim across to Barad Tharsir.Enter the unmarked room (southernmost tomb). Clear your way to the bottom and interact with the Ancient Tomb. Kill the robber who tries to stop you.

9. Exit the tomb and skirt the shore heading north to the Storeroom (northernmost tomb). Investigate the Loaded Cart, Kill the ambushers. Repeat for the other 2 carts. Exit the storeroom and return to High Kings Crossing.

10. At High Kings Crossing:
  • Speak to Adleithian and complete Raiders of Barad Tharsir
  • Speak to Daerol and complete Treasures of Barad Tharsir
  • Speak to Gaelnarthan and complete Lighthouse on the Baranduin

Tinnudir (34)

1. Exit High Kings Crossing to the north and follow the winding path up the hill until you reach a cross roads
2. Take the left hand path and follow it over a long bridge into Tinnudir.
  • Speak to Nat Collop to get the stable path
  • Set your Milestone
  • Speak to Orchalwe and turn in Tinnudir, Vestige of Men. Accept [34]The Twilight Estates and [33]Barachen's Camp. Look in your inventory for Orchalwe's Journal on the Twilight Hills and read it to accept [34]Tham Nambarth
  • Speak to Ferrod and accept [32]A Dangerous Road
  • Speak to Culang and accept [32]The Treasure Hunt
  • Speak to Calatherdir and accept [33]The Burning Island
  • Speak to Calenglad and turn in Rangers of Evendim for 10TP. Note that you can barter the quest-reward coins (Bronze/Silver Arnorian Coins) for gear/potions with Calenglad.
3. An Optional Diversion - this involves a long stable ride, it is definitely worth doing if you haven't yet turned in the 10TP quest. Otherwise look at the rewards and see if you think it's worth  your time!
  • Speak to Calenglad and accept  [38]The Rangers of Esteldin
  • Take a ride from the stable master to Esteldin in the North Downs. 
  • Speak to Arohir to accept [35] The wardens of Annuminas
  • Speak to Daervunn to turn in Message From the Rangers of Esteldin (10TP)
  • Speak to Nethur and turn in The Rangers of Esteldin (2,000 XP)
  • Use your milestone or take a stable route back to Tinnudir
  • Speak to Cannuion and turn in The Wardens of Annuminas (1770 XP + 500rep)

Tyl Ruinen (34)

1. Jump into the lake and swim out to the island of Tyl Ruinen (Subscribers can speak to Arfirion the Boat Keeper (12.6,67.5) for a boat trip to the same island). Once you reach land make your way north-east and speak to Humfrey Rumming (11.7,72.0) and turn in The Burning Island. Accept [33] Rumming's Ridiculous Request. Speak to Lugethir and accept [33] Culling the Flame

2. The riddle is fairly obvious and gives you a Bat.  The chests are randomly dropped over the island - head to 12.7,72.1 to find the Chest of the Bat. Open it to receive the token of the Bat. Return to Humfrey.

3.Speak to Humfrey and turn in Rumming's Ridiculous Request. Accept [33] Rumming's Resolute Resolve. Speak to Lugethir and accept [33]Eggs Over Easy

4. Riddle 2 is a Warg so head back towards where you found the Chest of the Bat and find the Chest of the Warg in the hills just to the north (14.2,72.0) . Also take the opportunity to destroy 4 salamander eggs in the area by the Bat Chest. 

5. Exit the area to the north west and follow the western shore to the Salamander nests at 11.8,72.9 and destroy the 4 eggs there. Exit to the north, climb up the hill on your right and return east to Humfrey

6. Turn in Rumming's Resolute Resolve.  Accept [33]Rumming's Remaining Riddle. This time you are looking for the Chest of the Worm.  Head south to the salamander camp at 12.2,71.2 and destroy 3 eggs then swim over to the south-east island to destroy the fourth. Just beyond the fourth egg you will find the Chest of the Worm (12.0,71.0). Open it and collect the Token of the Worm.

The riddle on that one was more complicated - out of interest: Ancalagon the Black was a dragon but we are looking for his "lesser get", Scatha the Worm was a long-worm dragon and again we are looking for his "children laid so low". Also interesting is that outside of Tolkein Ancalagon is a genus of worms.)

7.Return to Humfrey and turn in Rumming's Remaining Riddle. Accept [33] The Terrible Secret of the Salamanders. Speak to Lugethir and turn in Culling the Flame and Eggs Over Easy. Accept [33] Walking on Water.

8. Run  north a few paces to the ruins and enter the Cellar Door. Descend into the cellar and defeat the Salamander-dam and Salamander-sire. Return to Humfrey and continue The Terrible Secret of the Salamanders

9. Roam the island killing 12 Lake skimmers - they're spread all over the southern end but the western shore is probably the best place.  Return to Lugethir and turn in Walking on Water

10. Leave the island and return to Tinnudir (milestone/boat/swim). Speak to Calatherdir and turn in The Terrible Secret of the Salamanders

Aiding Tinnudir (34-35)

1.Cross back over the bridge and follow the path to the crossroads (10/8,64.8). Investigate the Stone Marker to complete The Treasure Hunt. Accept [33]The Hunt continues. 

2. Ride south-west from the crossroads and up into the hills to the ruins of Tham Nambarth (12.1, 65.6).  Enter the ruins and head towards 12.2,65.3 and investiagte the Ancient Tapestry to accept [34] Threads of the Past.  Kill 6 elk and pull down 6 ivy and collect 8 Scraps of Ancient Tapestries.

3. Read the journal again to accept [34]Tham Varan. Ride east to the ruins of  Tham Varan (12.1,63.9) and investigate the chipped Vase (11.8, 64.0) to accept [34] Vessels of History. In the middle of the pool (12.1,63.8) investigate the Crumbling Seal to accept [34]Lords of the Land. Search the ruins for 4 vases, 4 seals and kill 6 tomb-robbers.

4. Read the journal again to accept [34]Tham Ornen and ride north to the ruins of Tham Ornen (8.7,66.7). Enter the central courtyard and destroy 4 orders (8.8,66.7) and (8.6,66.7)

5. Read the journal again to accept [34] Tham Andalath and ride south-east to the ruins of Tham Andalath. Extinguish 8 camp-fires and kill 12 goblins. Investigate the Ornamental Blade (9.5,63.5) to accept [34]Dull Blades Still Cut Deep and collect 5 more Ornamental Blades.

6. Return to Tinnudir and:
  • Speak to Nadfaron and turn in Vessels of History, Threads of the Past and Dull Blades Still Cut Deep
  • Speak to Orchalwe and turn in The Twilight Estates. Accept [34] Torogethir's Charge
  • Speak to Gurhebnir and turn in Lords of the Land
  • Check your bags for Tomb Raider Sashes, Bands of Numenor and Black Badges all of which can be right-clicked for reputation with the Wardens and Well Kept Mathoms which give reputation with The Mathom Society
7.Exit Tinnurid to the east and cross the bridge. Follow the road east through the cross roads to the borders of The North Downs and find Torogethir at his camp (10.3,60.0) Complete Torogethir's Charge. Accept [34] Ost Heryn and then accept [34] Payment of an Ancient Debt, [34] Unfulfillled Duty and [34] Writs of Honor. If you have unlocked North Downs take [32]An Island in the Lake for some free xp and turn it in the next time you are in Tinnudir.

8. Head south-west into the ruins of Ost Heryn and clear your way to the Oath Breaker (11.2,61.6). Kill him then exit the ruin ensuring you kill x tomb robbers whilst you are there.  In the fields surrounding the ruin kill oath-breakers until you collect 10 Writs of Honor then return to Torogethir and turn in Payment of an Ancient Debt, Unfulfilled Duty and Writs of Honor then Ost Heryn. Accept [34]Halls of Twilight and return to Tinnudir.

Ost Forod (35-36)

1. Speak to Orchalwe and turn in Halls of Twilight. Accept [34] Fortress of the North and speak to Kelsey West / Orchalwe until you are sent to Ost Forod.
  • Get the stable-master route
  • Speak to Parr Chopley to accept [35]A Striking Absence of Boar
  • Read the nearby wanted poster (8.2,64.3) and accept [35]Bounty: Thauk, Vile Warg
  • Continue north and speak to Basil Gummidge to turn in Fortress of the North. Accept [35]Stores for the Winter
  • Set your milestone
  • Speak to Rowena Parker and contineu Bounty:Thauk, Vile Warg and accept [35] Hides for Blankets
  • Speak to Poppy Seaton and accept [35]Loggs for the Fire
  • Speak to Clark Standish and accept [35]Robbers and Poachers
  • Speak to Ballard Wilmer and accept [35]Meat for the Spit
From now on kill Elk and Tomb-Robbers on sight

2. Exit Ost Forod to the east and bear north into the small building just outside the city walls (7.0,63.8) to find a Stone Marker. Examine it to finish The Hunt Continues. Accept [35] Surely Almost There.

3. Exit the building to the south and take the path east down the hill, continue east until you reach a Nan Orngon, a valley full of bears. Descend into the valley and follow it around to find 8 Dry Logs around 7.5,61.3.  Ensure you have collected 10 bear-hides.

4. Return to Ost Forod ensuring you have killed 10 Tomb-Robbers and collected 8 Elk Haunches.

  • Speak to Ballard Wilmer and turn in Meat for the Spit
  • Speak to Parr Chopley and turn in A Striking Absence of Boar
  • Speak to Clark Standish and turn in Robbers and Poachers
  • Speak to Rowena Parker and turn in Hides for Blankets
  • Speak to Poppy Seaton and turn in Logs for the Fire
  • Speak to Basil Gummidge and turn in Stores for the Winter. Accept [35]Immediate Threats
5. And now go back to all the people you just spoke to and ask them what else you can help them with:
  • Speak to Rowena and accept [35]Practised Villainy
  • Speak to Poppy and accept [35]Goblins in the Hollow
  • Run along the raised wall and examine the Wanted Poster (7.5,64.5). Accept [35]Bounty:Andy Idden, Goblin Friend. Return to Poppy to continue the quest
  • Speak to Spring Standish and accept [37]Trouble at Cirith Rhiw
  • Climb up the stairs on your right and examine the Wanted Poster (7.9,64.5) and accept [35]Bounty:Bill Tripper, Master of Blades
  • Run left along the raised platform and speak to Clark Standish to continue Bounty:Bill Tripper, Master of Blades and accept [35]Escape From Duskencleft
  • Jump over the low wall and look to your right to find a Wanted Posted (8.2,64.5). Read it to accept [35]Bounty: Harry Hinchcliffe, Dead Eye
  • Speak to Ballard Wilmer to continue Bounty: Harry Hinchcliffe, Dead Eye and accept [35] Ballard Wilmer and the White Warg
6. Exit Ost Forod to the east and follow the road north, from now on kill Tomb Robbers and Bears on sight.

7. In the far north of the map (3.2,63.9) you will find a camp of tomb-robbers. Pick off the patrolling guards then kill Harry Hinchcliffe and the Tomb Robber Captain (you can pull each independently if you're careful).

8. Return south down the road until you can make your way up into the hills on your right (around 4.4,62.8). Leave the path and ride west up onto the top of the hill.  You will start to see Wargs (Twilight-howlers), kill 8 of these when you see them.

9. Continue west until you reach the goblin encampment of Tum Fuin (4.4,65.2). Thauk patrols the camp so kill him when you see him. Also kill 12 goblins then exit to the west through a mountain pass to find the Satchel of Relics (5.0,66.7)

10.Either milestone back to Ost Forod (if all bears/wargs/tomb-robbers killed) or ride south through the hills to Ost Forod kiling any remaning bears/wargs/tomb-robbers on your way.  

11. At Ost Forod:
  • Speak to Parr Chopley and turn in A Curious Number of Bears
  • Speak to Ballard Wilmer and continue in Bounty:Harry Hinchcliffe, Dead Eye and turn in Ballard Wilmer and the White Warg
  • Speak to Clark Standish and turn in Escape from Duskencleft
  • Speak to Spring Standish and turn in Trouble at Cirith Rhiw
  • Speak to Rowena Parker and continue Bounty: Thauk, Vile Warg and turn in Practised Villany
  • Speak to Poppy Seaton and turn in Goblins in the HOllow
  • Speak to Basil Gummidege and turn in Bounty:Harry Hinchcliffe, Dead Eye, Bounty:Thauk, Vile Warg  and Immediate Threats. Accept [36]Spies and Robbers

12. Ride south from Ost Guruth to the ruins of Tham Andalath. Enter the ruins and head to the far corner (9.8,63.0) to find Andy Idden.  The quest is marked small-fellowship but is definately solo-able without too much effort.  Clear the area around Andy (but not the sleeping goblin right in front of him). You will have to deal with Andy, his warg and the sleeping goblin at the same time.  I suggest using cc if you have it and taking the goblin/warg out first to reduce your incoming damage.  Also consider bringing a potion with you (I didn't need one but best to be safe!)

13. Continue south to Tham Varan and find Bill Tripper patrolling around the central pool. Kill  him and return to Ost Forod.

14. At Ost Forod:
  • Speak to Clark Standish and continue Bounty:Bill Tripper, Master of Blades
  • Speak to Poppy Seaton and continue Bounty:Andy Idden, Goblin Friend.
  • Speak to Basil Gummide and complete Bounty:Bill Tripper, Master of Blades and Bounty:Andy Idden, Goblin Friend. Accept [35] The Bounty-Hunter
  • Read the poster on the wall (just to the north of Basil by the stairs that lead to Poppy) to continue the quest
  • Speak to Basil again to continue the quest and once more to Travel to The Bounty Hunter instance.
  • Complete the instance then speak to Basil to complete The Bounty-Hunter
15.  Exit Ost Forod to the west, skirt past the northen wall of Tham Oren and descend to the shore and follow the waters edge north to find a Stone Marker in the ruins of Tham Habad (5.9,69.1). Inspect it to complete Surely Almost There and accept [38]One More Marker

16. Swim out to the island to the west and head to its southern tip to find three men by a campfire (7.9,68.9). 
  • Speak to Eliot Bencroft and turn in Spies and Robbers and accept [36] The Robbers of Rantost then [36] The Thief-Takers.
  • Speak to Wal Simpkins and accept [36] Smoke on the Water
  • Speak to Leighton Kipps and accept [36]Crate and Barrel
17. Head north the the ruins and find and burn 4 boats (two on the east, two on the west in the little inlets), gather 9 crates and 5 barrels (inside the ruins and in the camp to the south east) and kill 10 of each type of robber.

18. Return to the camp-fire:
  • Speak to Leighton Kipps to turn in Crate and Barrel
  • Speak to Wal Simpkins to turn in Smoke on the Water
  • Speak to Eliot Bencroft to turn in The Thief-Takers and then The Robbers of Rantost. Accept [36] Thief-Takers Bane and then speak to Leighton Kipps to travel to the instance.
  • Complete the instance and speak to Leighton to exit. Speak to him again to complete Thief-Takers Bane and accept [36] An Oath Resworn
19. Swim back to the shore and ride east to find the ruins of Barad Rath (7.3,66.6 - needed for Ruins of Evendim deed) then ride south to Ost Guruth and take the stable route to Tinnudir. Speak to Orchalwe and turn in An Oath Resworn.

Epic Quest - Book 3

Now is a good time to go and do the Book 3 Epic Quest as you are high enough level to complete the entire book.  If you followed my Lone Lands guide you already have the Foreword to Book 3 so you can take a stable route from Tinnudir directly to Trestlebridge in the North Downs where you can continue the epic quest; if you don't have the Foreword you need to travel to Ost Forod in the Lone Lands. Follow my guide to Book 3 here.


  1. Once you get to Tinnindur, I highly recommend you pick up the quest to talk to Aragorn in Rivendell and do "The Blade That Was Broken" questline in tandem with later Evendim quests. It's a huge amount of XP and tokens for Wardens of Annunimas faction gear, and it culminates in a fellowship quest for The Tomb of Elendil (the entire chain can be soloed up to that point, though). The only annoying part of the entire questline is getting to the elvish woman in the cave (a lot of swimming), and that's at the very end.

  2. I just wanted to thank you for this guide. It was a big help.