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Southern Forochel (44-46)

The frozen tundra zone of Forochel can be found to the north of Evendim - take a stable-path to Ost Forod and then ride north and follow the path until you reach the camp of Kappa-Kohta.

To quest in this area you will need to purchase the Forochel quest pack (695TP from the LOTRO Store) or have a VIP subscription.

Kauppa-Kohta (44)

As you pass a mammoth train stop and speak to Mainio and accept [44] Staying Agile and to Letholf to turn in Distant Relations (if you have it)

Enter the camp and:
  • Speak to Kerkko the stable master to get the stable route.
  • Speak to Santtu to accept [44] Daily Defence
  • Speak to Cenlieg and accept [44] The Raven
  • Speak to Eija and complete Staying Alive and accept [44] Raw Materials
  • Continue north through the camp and speak to Valtteri and accept [44] An Audition

Interact with the nearby Caged Red Fang (45 Signature) and defeat it

Speak to Valtteri to turn in An Audition and accept [44] The Hunt is Afoot

Follow the path west out of the camp and then bear north-west to find Hammastus-pesa (4.1,59.9). Speak to Urho to finish Daily Defence and accept [4] Wolves at the Door.

Head south until you reach Taur Orthon lake and kill any Silent-Paw wolves and Frost-Antler Moose you see.

Work along the shore and collect 10 Driftwood-Branches (3.1,60.0). Continue to kill wolves & moose and also kill Drift Wolverines.

Once all the wood is collected head away from the lake to the south-east until you reach the mountains then look for the pass into Metsasta-sija (1.2,60.6):

  • Head into the pass and kill Red-Fang wargs until you have 10 warg fat.
  • Find the missing raven (1.6,60.9) and speak to it to continue the quest. Escort the raven out of the valley until "Cenlieg's raven is now safe".
Head south back to the camp ensuring that you:
  • Kill 14 Silent Paw Wolves
  • Kill Frost-Antler Moose for 10 Antlers
  • Kill Drift Wolverine for 10 Sinew

At the camp:

  • Speak to Cenlieg and turn in The Raven. Accept [44] Hungry Bear-Friend
  • Speak to Eija and turn in  Raw Materials and accept [44] Building the Snow-Sled
Exit the camp and head south to the Mammoths by the roadside:

  • Speak to Ofrathto continue Building the Snow Sled
  • Speak to Manio to accept [44] A Miniscule Menace
Return to the camp:
  • Use the Curing Barrel by Eija
  • Speak to Eija and finish Building the Snow-Sled. Accept [45] Venturying Forth
  • Speak to Veltteri to turn in The Hunt is Afoot and decline [45] Driving the Beasts Out (45 Elite + 2 45 adds)
  • Speak to Mirja and accept [45] A Stare from the Wild
Exit the camp to the east and kill Moose on sight until you have 6 meat.  Return to Hamastus-pesea and speak to Urho to turn in Wolves at the Door and accept [45] The Den-Mother.

Run south to find the Snarling Wolverine (45 signature  upon a snowy rise overlooking the lake (3.2,59.8). Kill the sleeping Drift Wolverines next to it then the Snarling Wolverine itself (otherwise the Drifts will aggro when you attack the Snarler).

Ride south-west to find the wolf den (2.8,60.5), pick off and kill the 3 Silent-Paw wolves and then and kill the Den Mother (again, she will aggro the 3 silent-paws if you don't kill them first).

Continue along the lake shore to find and defeat Blokk (lvl 45 signature at 2.7,59.7)

Return to the  camp:

  • Speak to Cenleigh to turn in Hungry Bear-Friend and accept [45] The Choicest Cut
  • Speak to Santtu to turn in The Den Mother
  • Speak to Mirja to turn in A Stare from the Wild
Ride south to the Mammoths and speak to Manio to turn in A Minuscule Menace.

Continue south to find the Silvan Thirty-Point (45 signature at 0.8,60.0) and kill it.

Return to Kauppa-Kohta and speak to Cenlieg to turn in The Choicest Cut


Exit Kauppa-Kohta to the east and follow the path north, through the Ja-kura canyon and the ice caves of Ja-Reitti.  When you emerge on a snowfield follow the path until it splits then take the right-hand fork to find the encampment of Pynti-Peldot

At the camp:
  • Speak to Iri to get the stable-route
  • Speak to Ora to turn in Venturing Forth and accept [45] Grudgingly-Earned
    • Speak to Kaj to accept [45] A Respectable Ritual
    • Speak to Lauri to accept [45] Smoke on the Horizon
    • Speak to Deornyd to accept [45] My Sister;s Sword
  • Speak to Kimmo to accept [46] Ice at the Water's Edge
  • Speak to Heikki to accept [46] Gauradan Incursions
Exit the camp and ride north-west along the lake shore  Ride straight though the ruins of The Lonesome Stones and avoid the high-levelled mobs there. Exit out the other side and descend to the lakeshore to find  Shrine Pedestal on which you should place the Ice Statue

Return to the camp and speak to Kimmo to turn in Ice at the Water's Edge  and accept [46] Cat-Tusk Scrimshaw

From now on kill Kalpa-Kita until you have 15 thick furs (moose work too but you need tusks from the sabretooths so they're more worth the effort!)

Exit the camp and ride south towards the caves you entered from and destroy Gauradan Fetishes (on either side of the path). Kill Gauradan until you recover Granug

Return along the path towards camp and speak to Ida (10.0,69.6) to turn in Smoke on the Horizon and accept [46] Reclaiming the Homestead. Also collect the Coil of Rope she is standing next to.

Head west to Voi-Telta and kill Feoc (lvl 46 signature w/ lvl 45 wolf). Be aware that Feoc will heal himself, and his wolf, and that if you kill the wolf first he will revive it again!

Continue west along the path untilyou reach Janis-leiri:
  • Speak to Altti to continue A Respectable Ritual
  • Speak to Burgthryth to accept [47] Three Sheets to the Wind 
  • Speak to Niko to accept [44] Silent Feet
Return to Ida and continue Reclaiming the Homestead

Return to Pynti-Peldot ensuring you collect any remaining furs on your way. At the camp:
  • Speak to Lauri to turn in Reclaiming the Homestead
  • Speak to Deornyd to turn in My Sisters Sword and accept [47] A Sword Shivered
  • Speak to Heikki and turn in Gauradan Incursions
  • Speak to Kaj to turn in A Respectable Ritual and accept [46] The Ties that Bind. Speak to him again to travel to the instance. Speak to Pinja twice to complete the quest and accept [46] A Midwinter's Thaw
Head north-west  into the snowfields near the mountains (10.4,74.8) and disable the 6 Gauradan traps It hopefully goes without saying that you shouldn't attack the Snow-Mantle Cows.

Head south to find find the remaining traps (5.9,75.9) .

Return to Janis-leiri and speak to Niko to turn in Silent Feet and and accept [45] Another Thin Winter

Leave the camp and kill Frost Antlers in the surrounding area until you collect 10 meat & 10 antlers.

Return to Niko and turn in Another Thin Winter. Accept [46] The Longest Fangs

Exit the camp and ride south-east to the valley of Leijona-kotin (6.8,73.3):
  • Kill at least 12 Kalpa-Kita and continue to kill them until you have 20 Tusks and 10 White Furs. 
  • Collect 10 snow-drops
  • Kill Pitka-Hammas (46 Signature @ 6.4,73.0)
Ride east to Pynti-Peldot
  • Speak to Ella to continue A Midwinter's Thaw
  • Speak to Kimmo to turn in Cat-Tusk Scrimshaw
Follow the path back out west until you reach Pinja's house. Speak to Pinja to turn in A Midwinter's Thaw

Continue west to Janis-leire and speak to Niko to turn in The Longest Fangs.

Return east to Pynti-Peldot and speak to Chief Ora to turn in Grudgingly Earned. Accept [46] Dwarves and Mammoths

Zigilgund (45-46)

Ride West, past the hunters camp and ride west along the pathway until you find  Mika (7.5,80.5). Accept [47] Undisturbed Rest and kill Tundra Bears until you recover the first sheet. After you have found the sheet just kill bears as you see them until 20 are dead

Continue west until you reach Zigilgund. Enter the city (from the east):
  • Speak to Eindrith to discover the Stable-route
  • Speak to Tero to accept [46] Wayward Hunter
  • Speak to Warstang to accept [47] Lost My Marbles
  • Speak to Sigrik to accept [47] Where Norsu Die
  • Speak to Thorth to turn in Dwarves and Mammoths and accept [47] Scattered in the Graveyard
  • Speak to Riki to accept [47] Feeding the Need
  • Speak to Weth to accept [47] Not in Hot Water
  • Speak to Keli to accept [47] Beastly Things
From now on kill Steppe-Elk on Sight until you collect 20 Elk-Haunches

Exit the city and ride east toenter the Peikko Cave (9.5,79.9). Kill 15 Peikko and collect the Second Sheet (keep killing Peikko until you get it)

From now on kill any Gauradan you see until you collect the Third Sheet.

Head west from the cave until you reach the Dwarf Channels and kill 3 Great Winter-Worms (one in each of the 4th, 7th & 10th Channels)
Head south of hte city and collect 10 Dwarf-Picks from the plains oustide the city walls.  Be sure to avoid the Terrible Winter-Tusk (lvl 48 elite)

Continue South to the corpse of a Mammoth at 7.8,81.1. Clear the bears form the surrouding area and inteact with the Mamoth to retrieve the spear

Return to the Hunters camp (make sure you have got the Thrird Sheet, kill more Thiefs if you still haven't found it) and speak to Burgthryth to turn in Three Sheets to the Wind and accept [48] All Strung Out

Ride south-west from the camp until you reach the river then follow this north-west until you see a ford across to an island of Kissa-sariin the center of the stream.
  • Head north up the island until you find Laulu-vihaja and kill him
  • Find Juhani atop a nearby hill and Wayward Hunter will autocomplete.  Speak to Juhani to accept Of Great Aid and escort him off the island (he will pull everything in sight, just go with it and be careful not to let him die!)
Return to the Hunters camp and speak to Burgthryth to turn in All Strung Out

Return to Zigilgund, ensuring you kill any remaining Elks for your 20 elk-haunches and:
  • Speak to Tero to turn in Of Great Aid
  • Speak to Warstang and turn in Lost My Marbles and [47] Who Burgles The Buglar
  • Speak to Sigrik to turn in Where Norsu Die and accept [47] Mika Might Know
  • Speak Keli to turn in Beastly Things and accept [47] Mother of Beasts
  • Speak to Thorth to turn in Scattered in the Graveyard. Decline [50] The Key to Their Greed (too high level, we'll pick it up later).
  • Speak to Weth and turn in Not in Hot Water and OPTIONAL: accept [47] The Root of the Problem (requires killing lvl 47 elite)
  • Speak to Riki to turn in Feeding the Need
Ride south from the city killing Gauradan Thiefs until you find the burglars bag.

Find Mika (7.5,80.5) and turn in Mika Might Know and Undisturbed Rest. Accept [47] Keeping the Norsu Pure.

Head slightly north to find the Guaradan Seer (8.2,81.4) and defeat him (lvl 47 signature, interrupt the heals and kill the wolf last) to free the mammoth.

Return to Mika and turn in Keeping the Norsu Pure and accept [47] Angmarim Sorcery.

Ride north-east to find the Angmarim Sorcerer (lvl 47 signature @ 8.0,79.3) and kill it. Note that although there is a Gauradan Pack-Leader standing right next to the sorcerer if you pull the sorcerer from a distance the Pack-Leader will not aggro.

Return to Mika and turn in Angmarim Sorcery

Continue north and return to the Peikko cave and kill the Snow Matron (top right corner of the cave, lvl 47 signature)

Optional: Head back into the hot springs and defeat Ringdagnir (lvl 47 elite, 8600 HP)

Return to Zigiligund and:
  • Speak to Warstang to turn in Who Burgles the Burglar
  • OPTIONAL: Speak to Weth to turn in The Root of the Problem
  • Speak to Keli to turn in Mother of Beasts
  • Speak to Fotri to accept [47] The City in the Ice
Now is a good time to exchange the frozen wastes of Forochel for sunny Angmar to work on Book 7

Note: You will still have A Sword Shivered and City in the Ice in your quest log; we will be back to finish these later.

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