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Book 5: The Last Refuge & The Central Misty Mountains (40-42)

Before we Start

This guide covers the Book 5 Epic Quest and the Central area Misty Mountains zone. It does not cover the High-Pass or Goblin-Town areas of the zone as they do not fit in with the Epic Quest and are suitable for higher-levelled characters. Please note that you will need the Misty Mountains Quest Pack (695TP from the LOTRO Store) or a VIP Subscription to obtain the non-epic quests in this area (i.e. you can only do the Book1,ChapterX quests without the quest pack).

If you do not want to buy the quest pack for Misty Mountains please use this guide (which leaves out the extra quests and just explains the Epic Book) instead.

You cannot start Book 5 without completing Book 4, Chapter 9. If you haven't done this then please read my guide to Book 4.

Please ensure you have started your three Class Legendary Deeds (bought the books & spoken to the trainers to start them, see my Book 4 guide).  The pages will drop at random from mobs in the Misty Mountains and you really don't want to miss out on the drops as it takes a lot of kills to get them all.

Note that you can start Book 6 without doing 4 or 5 so you could choose to skip both of these Books but I would recommend that you do them for the story & for the (eventual) 20TP deed.

Book 5 begins in Rivendell and follows neatly on from Book 4, you should be standing in Elrond's Library, on the top floor of the Last Homely Home - speak to Elrond and accept [42] Book 5, Chapter 1: Into the Misty Mountains

Into the Misty Mountains - The Northern Reaches (40-41)

1. Leave the Last Homely Home and speak to Glorenglir (29.4,5.6) to take [39] Unwitting Scavengers then take the path north into the Misty Mountains

2. At the fork in the road:
  • Speak to Mathenor and take [41] Rampaging Beasts
  • [Optional - requires killing of lvl 43/44 elites] Speak to Golhador and take [43] The Masters of the Mammoth
3. Continue up the eastern (right) path and follow the cliffs around to the north (left) to find Gloin's Camp:
  • Speak to Vighar Roadwalker and take [41] Warning: Evil Men
  • Speak to Larus Sharshard and accept [43] Old Treasures
  • Speak to Leiknir to get the stable route
  • Speak to Tralli Gemfinder and take [43] Arctic Hunters
  • Speak to Gloin and turn in B5C1 and accept [42]B5C2: Troublesome Goblins and [41] Bears of the North
4. Exit the camp and follow the path north into the mountains killing Snow Lurkers on sight.

5. When you reach a clearing head north through the Snow Beasts (kill any in your way) to find the Damaged Dwarf-Chest at Iskeld's Lookout (21.7,4.4). Return south and exit to the east then and continue north killing Snow Beasts (these ones are lower level than the few you may have seen earlier). Don't worry about killing enough for the quests yet, you'll be coming back the same way and can finish them off then.

5. Continue north until you reach The Bitter Stair and hang the sign on the Sign Post (18.5,2.4)

6. Return south to Gloin's Camp continuing to kill Snow Beasts and Snow Lurkers until you:
  • Collect 7 Relic-fragments from Snow Lurkers
  • Kill 18 Snow Beasts
7. At Gloin's Camp:
  •  speak to Vighar Roadwalker and turn in Warning: Evil Men. Accept [43] Warning: Evil Dwarves
  • Speak to Larus Sharpshard and turn in Old Treasures and accept [43] Every Last Ingot

8. Ride south down the pass to Rivendell and speak to Mathenor and turn in Rampaging Beasts and accept [44] Hidden by Fur & Snow.

9. Continue onto Rivendell and turn in Unwitting Scavengers and accept [39] Deluros of Rivendell

10. Ride to the Last Homely House and visit Deluros in Elrond's Library (top floor, right side) to turn in Deluros of Rivendell. Accept [41] The Missing Fragments

11. Return to Gloin's Camp (either run or take a ride from the Rivendell stable-master) and ride north to the clearing:

  •  Search snowdrifts or kill Snow Lurkers until you have 4 Jagged Relic-fragments
  • Kill 7 bears.

The Eastern Reaches (41)

1. From the clearing ride north-east through the pass of Nan Gongarg into Eastern Bruinen Source. Make your way south to the entrance to the main camp (22.6,1.3) and then follow the path up into the mountains killing goblins & wargs as you go.

2. Eventually you will reach a wooden palisade fort where Gurzmat (lvl 42 signature) is waiting (23.4,2.5). Interrupt his heals whenever you can or the fight will take far longer than it needs to. Also, he will summon a Gabilazan Guard to assist him, I would recommend taking the add out to reduce your incoming damage.

3. Exit the camp the same way you came in and ensure that you:
  • Kill Snowreap goblins until you collect 24 ingots of Dwarf-gold
  • Kill 12 Wargs (if you're a few short there's a nice pack of them at Caldwell's Pond 22.9,1.1)
4. Exit the area through the Whitecleft pass (entrance at 22.7,.07) 

6. Ride north and return to Gloin's Camp:
  • Speak to Larus Sharpshard and turn in Every Last Ingot and accept [43] The Other Chest
  • Speak to Tralli Gemfinder and turn in Arctic Hunters
  • Speak to Gloin and turn in B5C2 and accept [43]B5C3: The High Fortress
The High Fortress (41)

1. Exit the camp and ride east into High Cleft then bear south when you can and kill 7 Huge Snow Bears. Hopefully you will now have 12 Northern bear-hides, if not kill a few more bears until you do.

2. [Optional] There are 3 Snowy Mammoths (42-44 Elite 6.5-7.5k HP) in Eikhall Dale (25.6,2.3) and one in the hills above Gabilazan (25.5,0.2). If you think you can kill them then do so until you have 3 silver tusk-rings for the quest The Masters of the Mammoth. Their attack is very slow and my lvl 41 Warden had no problems (ended every fight will full health due to self healing!) a squishier character might have a harder time.

3. Continue south until you see the entrance to Gabilazan and post the sign on the Signpost (26.6,0.3) outside.

4. Continue into Gabilazan and enter the door on your right (27.3,0.0), kill a couple of guards and search the Gabilazan Cornerstone then exit the vault

5. Continue along the passageway and exit the building then take the left fork at the crossroads and enter the doorway (28.3,0.2) then speak to Halmur Stoneshaper to complete The Other Chest and accept [45] The Last Ingot. Exit the room

6. Return to Gloin's camp and:
  • Speak to Vighar Roadwalker and turn in Warning: Evil Dwarves and accept [44] Warning: Evil Giants
  • Speak to Gloin to turn in B5C3 and accept [43] B5C4: The Key-Stone. Also turn in Bears of the North
7 Exit the camp and ride north to Iskeld's Lookout and collect the Key Stone (21.6,4.5)

8. Return to Gloin's Camp and speak to Gloin to turn in B5C4 and accept B5C5: The Last Refuge.

9. Return to Rivendell (stable route / milestone) and speak to Gimli at The Guest Rooms to travel to the instance. Follow him through and kill all the mobs he pulls.  The final fight is quite long and I would recommend interrupting the bosses heals!  Speak to Gimli at the end to complete the instance and return to Rivendell.

10. [Optional]If you decided to complete the Mammoth quest then ride north towards the Misty Mountains and speak to Golhador in the pass to turn in  The Masters of the Mammoth and accept [43] Few Who Dare

11. Return to Gloins camp (run the rest of the way if you turned in the Mammoth quest, otherwise take the stable route from Rivendell):
  • Speak to Gloin and turn in B5C5 and accept [43] B5C6: In the Steps of Evil

Helgrod (41-42)

1. Exit the camp and ride north, through the clearing with the bears and into the snow fields full of Snow Beasts. Bear east when you see a ruin on your right (20.0,1.9)to discover the Treasury of Helegrod.

2. Approach the Treasury door and 2 undead will appear. Kill them and recover the Sigil of Drugoth, note that there is no need to enter the building.

3. Return to Gloin's Camp and speak to Gloin to turn in B5C6 and accept [43]B5C7

4. Return to Rivendell (stable route / milestone) and visit Elrond's Library  (Top floor of the Last Homely House):
  • Speak to Elrond to turn in B5C7 and accept [43]B5C8.
  • Speak to Deluros to turn in The Missing Fragments and accept [41] A Scholar's Lesson
5. Visit Glorenglir (just south of the Rivendell Marketplace, 29.4,5.6) and use the nearby Display Table

6. Return to Deluros in Elrond's Library and speak to him to turn in A Scholar's Lesson

7. Return to Gloin's Camp (stable route / run) and ride north to the Helgerod Treasury. 
  • Enter the Treasury and take out the first pack of mobs.
  •  Descend the stairs and examine the Obelisk at the base to continue the Instance quest. 
  • At the end of the path take the left fork to find an okelisk at the end of the winding hall
  • Then go right and ignore the first fork on the left
  • Take the second fork and clear to the end to find the second obelisk
  • Take the third fork and clear to the end for the third obelisk
  • Return to the main chamber and pass through the doors (now opened)
  • Fight the Nazgul and be aware that he will heal himself to full health once during the fight (from about 60%)
  • Either run back to the entrance to leave the instance or wait around for a few minutes and you will be teleported there.
8. Return to Rivendell (milestone is preferable here, otherwise run back to Gloin's camp and take the stable route) and speak to Elrond (in his Library) to turn in B5C8 and complete Book 5.

Final Word

You should now have reached level 42.  You will still have a few quests active in your log as we have only done part of the Misty Mountains.  The next quest hub, High Pass, is best done around level 46 so we will come back and finish the quests off later.
  • Hidden by Fur and Snow - still 8 bears to kill, we will finish this later when we return
  • Warning: Evil Giants - to be finished later
  • The Last Ingot - to be finished later
  • Few Who Dare - this requires a trip to Celondim, go there the next time you drop by your personal house (take the swift-travel to get there) and turn in the quest and pick up [43] Towering Champions which we will complete later.
Moving onwards - lets head onto Book 6 and Western Angmar

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