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Book 6: Fires in the North & Western Angmar (42-44)

Book 6 begins in Rivendell, if you followed my guide to Book 5 you are there already, if you haven't been before read my guide to getting to Rivendell.

This guide includes quests in Western Angmar which require the Angmar quest pack (795TP from the LOTRO Store) or a VIP subscription.  It is based around playing solo so whilst I include a few small-fellowship quests which can be soloed I skip over several fellowship quests which are impractical to do on your own (I will mention these when you could pick them up, if you happen to have a friend around then feel free to complete them)

1. Visit Elrond at The Last Homely House and accept [44]B6:FW: Turning to the North

2. Exit the study, and the Last Homely House and go to the Guest Rooms, speak to Aragorn to finish B6:FW and accept [44]B6C1:Of Golodir and Angmar

3. Travel to Esteldin in the North Downs. VIPs can swift travel directly from Rivendell. For free/premium players this is not a particularly easy route and I would suggest using Travel to Personal House to get to Bree and then taking stables from West Bree -> Trestlebridge -> Esteldin. Note that Wardens can use Muster in Esteldin and Hunters can use Guide to Esteldin.

4.Once in Esteldin speak to Daervunn who is standing by the Reflecting Pool (9.5,41.3) to turn in B6C1 and accept B6C2: Against his Lord

5. Exit Esteldin via the rear exit to the east and ride north through the hills to Angmar.

Lema-Koti (42)

1. As you enter Angmar you will arrive in the village of Lehma-koti:
  • Speak to Reko and accept [40] Claws of the Earth
  • Speak to Chief Tuokki and turn in The Earth-Kin of Kehma-Koti (if you have it, from Evendim) and accept [40] Orcs in the Ram Duath and [42] In the Dark Clefts
  • Speak to Eetu and accept [41] Fruits of the Earth
  • Speak to Aarnikka and accept [40] Silken Strands
  • Speak to Santtu to accept [42] Stolen Skulls (he is in a smaller tent at 2.6,39.4)
Note: Do not take [43] The Golin's Treasure from Aslak, this is a small-fellowship quest which can be soloed but as none of the other quests in the area are soloable it's not worth the time to get there.

2. Exit the camp down the slope to the east and follow the valley south killing blade-beaks and spiders

3. When you reach the Blogmal camp of Skathmur:
  • Kill 5 Blogmal Fighters
  • Kill 5 Blogmal Skirmishers
  • Retrieve the Aurochs Skull (in the center of the camp at 5.0,36.5)
4. Return north along the valley and continue killing spiders & blade-beaks until you have:
  • 10 Silken-strands
  • 10 Ravenger-beaks
5. Return to Lehma Koti:
  • Speak to Reko and turn in Claws of the Earth
  • Speak to Santtu and turn in Stolen Skulls
  • Speak to Aaarnikka and turn in Silken Strands
  • Speak to Chief Tuokki and turn in Orcs in the Ram Duath and accept [41] Strength of Stone 
6. Exit the camp and return to Skathmur and destroy the catapult & siege-tower outside the camp.

7. Stay on the path and continue east until you see a clearing with more siege engines in - do not enter but  climb the bank on the left to find the Earth-kin scout (entrance at 4.2,36.4). Speak to him to finish In the Dark Clefts and accept [42] Wings of Darkness and Death.

8. Descend into the clearing and destroy another catapult and siege-tower (4.2,36.2)

9. Continue to follow the path north through the clearing and keep to the left to find the Duvaire cleft filled with Morroval (lvl 41 signature):
  • Collect 10 Root Vegetables
  • Kill 8 Morrroval
10. Exit the valley and return to the Earth-kin Scout (up on the hill above the war machines), speak to him to turn in Wings of Darkness and Death. Do not accept [42] Mistress of Shadows as this requires a group (elite boss with 2 signature adds).

11. Exit the canyon to the south and retrace your steps to return to Lehma Koti:
  • Speak to Chief Tuokki to turn in Strength of Stone but do not accept [42] The Far Reaching Hand (needs group, elite + 2 signature)
  • Speak to Eetu to turn in Fruits of the Earth
12. Exit Lehmar Koti to the north and continue until you reach Aughaire

Aughaire (42-43)

1. Speak to Tavas, the stable master, to get the stable route then bind your milestone to Aughaire

2. Continue over the little bridge and speak to the wandering Clan Hunter to accept [43] Present Yourself to the Chieftain

3. Bear left to find Crannog and his companions (0.1S,40.1W)
  • Speak to Crannog to turn in Present Yourself to the Chieftain and accept [43] Crannog's Challenge
  • Speak to Raith and accept [43] Trophies of War
  • Speak to Torquil and accept [43] Dark Raiders
  • Speak to Osbail and accept [43] Predators in the Foothills
4. Head north-east to find Corunir inside the walled crafting camp (0.7N, 39.9W) and speak to him to complete B6C2 and accept [44]B6C3: Secrets of the Stones

5. Exit Aughaire to the north and follow the mountains around to the east. Kill any Scara Wargs you see.

6. Continue east until you see a campfire surrounded by Ongburz at Morfil (0.4N, 36.7W):, pass behind the fire and into the instanced area inside the cleft. The dungeon is massive so just stay until you have killed all the Ongburz you need and then exit the way you came in.
  • Kill 4 Warriors
  • Kill 4 Skirmishers
  • Kill the Ongburz Captain
7. Ride north from Morfil to the fortress of Tor Gailvin (3.1N, 35.8W) and take a rubbing of the Lesser Watching Stone at the entrance.

8. Enter the fortress and run left until you are past the palisade then double back right into an area with tents and fires. Kill Duvardain until you;
  • Collect 6 Skull-amulets
  • Collect 4 Bloodstone-amulets
Note: Do not kill Duvardain near the entrance, they will not drop the items you need!  You can check if you are killing the right ones by hovering the mouse over them

Kill This One
Not This One!

9. Exit the fortress and return to Crannog in Aughaire, ensuring you have killed 8 Wargs, then:
  • Speak to Osbail to turn in Predators in the Foothills
  • Speak to Torquil to turn in Dark Raiders
  • Speak to Raith to turn in Trophies of War
  • Speak to Crannog to turn in Crannog's Challenge and accept [43] Crannog's Second Challenge
10. Run east to the central island and:
  • Speak to Lakhina to accept [43] Bloodstones
  • Speak to Camran to accept [43] Dark Standards
  • Speak to Rona to accept [43] Rona's Concern
  • Speak to Finnan to accept [44] Dark Hunters
11. Head north to the crafting compound and speak to Corunir to turn in B6C3 and accept [45] B6C4 Heart of Stone

12. Exit Aughaire to the north and find Tasgall standing by a tall tree in the center of a small lake (2.5,38.4). Speak to him to turn in Rona's Concern and accept [43] Strange Beasts.

13. Head just east of the tree to find the entrance to Nad Nathair  (2.8,38.7W) where you will find a good concentration of hill beasts:
  • Kill 10 Hill-Beasts
  • Collect 8 Dull Bloodstones
14. Exit the canyons and return to Tasgall to turn in Strange Beasts. Accept [43] Treacherous Hunter

15. Kill Ash-crawlers (found all over the surrounding hills) until you have collected 6 crawler remains

16. Return to Tasgall and turn in Treacherous Hunter and accept [43] The Matron and the Master. Speak to Tasgall again to travel to the instance. Once you have finished the instance speak to Tasgall to exit and then again to continue The Matron and the Master.

17.Ride east to Tor Galivan and burn 5 Banners

18. Return to Aughaire and head to the central island:
  • Speak to Lakhina to turn in Bloodstones
  • Speak to Camran to turn in Dark Standards
  • Speak to Rona to turn in The Matron and the Master
19. Ride west and speak to Crannog to turn in  Crannog's Second Challenge and accept [43] Crannog's Third Challenge

20. Speak to Raith to continue Crannog's Third Challenge

21. Exit Aughaire and follow the path north (a long way) until you see a line of torches to your left (starting at 4.2N, 36.0W). Follow the torches up the hill to find the Cairn of Honour (4.8N,36.8W) and collect the Stone of Clucath (jump your way up the rock formation until you can reach it)

22. Return to Aughaire and speak to Crannog to turn in Crannog's Third Challenge and accept [43] Crannog's Fourth Challenge

23. Head south to the Clan Hunter tent:
  • Speak to Feradakh and defeat him
  • Speak to Guirman and accept The Ongburuz and the Iron Crown
  • Speak to Sorkha and accept [44] Dread in the Falllne City
  • Speak to Eilig and accept [44] Dark Vengeance
24. Head north fo dind MOridac in a pen of Aurochs and defeat him

21. Ride east to the clan tent (0.1N, 39.2W) and:
  • Speak to Fonghala and defeat her 
  • Speak to Latharna to accept [44] The Bloodstone Trove
  • Speak to Machar to accept [44] Buried Treasure
Do not take Bloodwing from Cuinthorn as this requires slaying an Elite Master Drake and is not soloable.
22. Return to Crannog and turn in Crannog's Fourth Challenge. Accept [43] Crannog's Fifth Challenge

23. Exit Aughaire and ride north-east to find Nekhtan standing by a tall tree (1.6N, 37.7W). Talk to him and defeat him.

24. Return to Aughaire and speak to Crannog to turn in Crannog's Fifth Challenge. Accept [44] The Rite of Clucath:
  • Speak to Osbail (next to you)
  • Speak to Camran (on the central island)
25. Exit Aughaire and ride north-east to Tasgall  and speak to him (standing by the tree in the small pool). 

26. Return to Aughaire and speak to Crannog to continue The Rite of Clucath. Speak to him again to travel to the instance and defeat the Trev Duvardain warriors in the Clucath. Speak to Crannog again to exit the instance.

27. Speak to Crannog to turn in The Rite of Clucath. Accept [43] Fail-A-Khro Retaken

28. Speak to Taraghlan to accept [43] The Brimstone Swamp

Fail-A-Khro (43)

1. Exit Aughaire and follow the path north until you reach Fail-A-Khro:
  • Speak to Cana to turn in Fail-A-Khro Retaken and accept [44] A Poultice for our Hurts
  • Speak to Ekhagan to accept [44] Stealing Stores
  • Speak to Soltakh to accept [44] False Orders
  • Speak to Budan to accept [43] Opression's Yoke
2. Head north checking around any walls until you collect 3 Silverbell (2.7,37.5), (3.4,37.6) (4.2,37.3)

3. Bear north-west and enter the ruined city of Dun Covad, follow the path through the city and:

  • Kill 6 Ongburz Orcs until you collect 8 Silver Nuggets
  • Plant orders in 4 Sub-Commander's Strongbox (see map)
  • Locate 3 lesser watching stones (see map)
  • Kill Chieftain Nulthauk (lvl 45 signature, see map)
4. Exit the city and ride East towards Donnvail stopping to kill 4 Angmarim on the way (Iron Crown Fighters/Scouts, camp is around 6.2,35.8). 

  • Collect Food Stores (crates scattered throughout city)
  • Speak to Branan just inside the gates, on the left (6.3,34.5) to finish Oppression's Yoke and accept [44] The Light of Hope
  • Continue up the hill and speak to Garvan to continue The Light of Hope
  • Continue along the path and speak to Morven
  • Continue along the path and speak to Uthagan. Fight and defeat him
  • Continue along the path and speak to Una to turn in The Light of Hope and accept [44] A Call for Allies. Do not take the quests from Una's 3 companions (Muirathakh the Silent Judge / Minions of Muirathakh / Fushath the Beast) as these are fellowship quests require you to go into the eastern area of the city which is filled with elite warriors.
  • Retrace your steps back through the city and speak to Branan to continue A Call for Allies
5. Exit the city and ride south a little way to the farm fields outside Donnvail.  Collect 4 Red-Lovage

6. Continue south to the Tarkrip encampment of Burzum Pushdug, kill the 2 warriors & 2 skirmishers outside and enter the instanced area (4.2,35.0) to find the rest

  • Kill 6 Tarkrip Warriors
  • Kill 4 Tarkrip Skirmishers
Note: The instanced area is large and filled with dense packs of mobs, just kill what you need in the first room or two then leave.

7. Exit the instance and ride south to Tor Gavilan. Enter the fortress and proceed up the hill to find the Bloodstone Trove outside a large tent (3.3,35.2)

8. Exit the fortress and head west to the pools just south of the entrance to Nad Nathair and collect 3 Spiky Mugwort

9.Return to Fail-A-Khro:
  • Speak to Ekhagan to turn in Stealing Stones and accept [44] Fuel for the Forge
  • Speak to Cana and turn in A Poultice for our Hurts and accept [44] Restoring the Peas
  • Speak to Soltakh and turn in False Orders. Decline The Lord of the Western Marches (requires killing an Elite Master + 2 Elite adds)
10. Exit the city and ride north to return to the fields outside Donnvail. Collect 10 Pea-plants.

11. Continue north, past Donnvail and collect 8 Angmar Coal (7.9,35.5)

12. Return south to Fail-a-Khro:
  • Speak to Ekhagan to turn in Fuel for the Forge
  • Speak to Cana to turn in Restoring the Peas
13. Ride south to Aughaire:
  • Speak to Crannog to turn in A Call for Allies
  • At the tent to the south:
    • Speak to Guirman to turn in The Ongburz and the Iron Crown
    • Speak to Elig to turn in Dark Vengeance
    • Speak to Sorkha to turnin Dread in the Fallen City
  • On the central island speak to Finnan to turn in Dark Hunters
  • At the tent to the east:
    • Speak to Latharna to turn in The Bloodstone Trove
    • Speak to Machar to turn in Burried Treasure

Western Malenhad (43-44)

1. Exit Aughaire to the north and immediately bear east through the mountains. Hug the mountain walls to discover The Halls of Night (0.4N, 37.6W) for an instant deed completion (and 10TP!)

2. Continue east into the swamps of Western Malenhad. Stay close to the mountain wall and follow the cliffs until you reach the camp of Tyrn Lhiug (1.7,33.5)

2. At Tyrn Lhuig:
  • Climb the hill at the back of the camp and:
    • Speak to Lorne to accept [44] The Blood-Price
    • Speak to Rodakhan to accept [43] Worm-hide
    • Note: Do not accept Ancient Lair from Fonn; this is a fellowship quest requiring you to complete an instance & kill an Elite Master boss.
  • In the tent at the bottom of the hill:
    • Speak to Othran to turn in The Brimstone Swamp and accept [43] Half Shell and [43] THe Value of Vermin
    • Speak to Murgaigan to accept [43] Water of Life and Death and [43] The Worm-Hunter
3. Exit the camp to the north into the marshes, kill the following as you go:
  • Flame-Worms until you collect 10 hides
  • Swamp-lurkers until you collect 5 Legs
  • Swamp-flies until you collect 5 wings
4. Head north to the first pool (1.0,32.6) and:
  • Collect water at the banner
  • Kill 2 Deadly Ironscales (Signature) and collect 2 turtle meat and 2 turtle shell plates
5. Continue north-west and enter the camp of Bil Rova (0.3,34.2), run straight ahead from the entrance and you will find the commander standing outside his tent (0.2,34.2). Speak to him then kill him (lvl 44 signature with one lvl 45 add).

6. Exit the camp and ride east to the second pool. Collect water (0.6,32.7)

7. Continue east to the third pool (0.6,31.7)

8. Head north to the fourth pool (1.4,31.7)

9. Head west to the fifth pool (1.5,32.3)

10. Head south-east to the sixth pool (0.0,31.4)

11. Head east and then work your way south through the pools searching the Lifeless Watching-Stones until you find a heart and can continue B6C4 ( I found mine at 0.7S,30.7W) Under no circumstances attempt to go further east than the line of statues, they will instantly kill you.

12. Continue south into the valley of Salgaite and find Machan (2.8S,30.8W) to auto-complete The Worm-Hunter. Speak to him to accept [44] Machan's Folly and then escort him from the valley

12. Return to Tyrn Lhiug:
  • At the tent at the foot of the hill:
    • Speak to Othran to turn in Half-Shell and The Value of Vermin. Decline Swamp-Dweller as it requires you to kill an elite-master mob.
    • Speak to Murgaigan to turn in Machan's Folly and Water of Life & Death
  • At the tent at the top of the hill:
    • Speak to Rodakhan to turn in Worm-Hide
    • Speak to Lorne to turn in The Blood-Price. Decline The Blood-Bond (it's out of the way and the follow-up needs a fellowship to complete)

Finishing the Epic Quest (44)

1. Exit the camp and return to Aughaire (milestone is best if you have it set). Speak to Corunir, in the crafting camp, to turn in B6C4 and accept B6C5: The Sorcerer's Doom

2. Exit Aughaire and ride north-east to Tor Gavilan. Enter the camp and ride through the palisades until you find Sorcerer Tath conducting his ritual. Kill his two guards, then the sorcerer himself, then the spirit and retrieve the stone-heart from his corpse.

3. Return to Aughaire and speak to Corunir to turn in B6C5 and accept [46] B6C6: Challenging the Stone

4. Exit Aughaire to the south and head into the valleys. Cut east (left) as soon as you can and follow the path around to the clearing with the siege-engines. There is an Ancient Watchine stone just at the entrance (3.9,36.0). Interact with it to summon an Engraged Fell Spirit and defeat it.

5. Return to Aughaire and speak to Corunir to turn in B6B6 and accept [46] B6C7: Beyond Rammas Deluon.

You have now completed nearly all of Book 6, and finished questing in Western Angmar.  The only remaining quest for this book is to ride all the way east to Gabilshathur and speak to Braigiar. The Gabilshathur quest hub is best done around lvl 47 so I would recommend leaving this until later.

For now I suggest a trip to Southern Forochel

If you really want to finish the book now then exit Aughaire to the north and ride east, through the mountains, then the swamp and once past the line of statues at Rammas Deluon (which will no longer kill you) skirt the lake to the south then bear south through a cleft in the mountains (2.8,26.3) to find Gabilshathur and speak to  Braigiar to turn in B6C7. Make sure you pick up the stable path from Horth which you are here.

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