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Book 2: The Red Maid & Lone Lands (20-30)


Book 2 Starts in Bree, you should be around level 20 at this point. If you aren't quite there yet then go back and read my guide to Book 1 & Bree Land.

Book 2 Starts with the Foreword which is given by Gandalf in his room at The Prancing Pony. If you followed my previous guide you are standing next to him right now! If not then enter The Prancing Pony and go to the southernmost room in the inn (at the top of a flight of stairs).  Speak to Gandalf and accept [22] B2 Foreword: Aiding the Order

Before you leave Bree head to the West gate and speak to Lily Sandheaver (outside her cottage just before the gate) to accept [22] Candac's Delay and then run south to speak to Thomas Thistlewool (in a tent outside the vault) to accept [22] Thistlewool's Sullied Name.  Also make sure you have both of the Bree stable master's (one at the north-west gate, one at the south-east).

If you haven't yet opened it find your Gift for an Adept item and open it, accept From the Forsaken Inn from the letter by the same name. Also check your mailbox and open the letter from Saerdan. Detatch and read the Map to Saerdan's Lodge to accept [18] Saerdan's Call.

Bree to the Lone Lands

1. Exit Bree to the west (north exit) and at the crossroads just before the bridge turn right and head north along the road.

2.Saeradan's Cabin is on the right-hand side of the path. Speak to Saeradan and turn in Saeradan's Call and continue Book 2 Foreword: Aiding the Order (ignore his other quests, they're too low level for us now). Talk to Saeradan again and ask him to show you his travel destinations then choose to Travel to Candaith's Encampment and enjoy a free ride to the Lone Lands. Sit back and enjoy the (very, very long) taxi ride.

Aiding Candaith (21-22)

1. You arrive at Candaith's Encampment. Talk to Candaith and turn in B2FW and accept the follow up [22] B2C1: Rise of the Orcs, also accept [22]Circling Eyes of the Enemy and [23]Forsaken and Forlorn.

From now on kill Craban on sight

2. Head out of the camp and bear right and up the hill. On top of the hill is an orc camp where you will find plenty of Orcs to kill for B2C1.

3. Return to Caindaith's Encampment, turn in B2C1 and accept [22] B2C2: An Orc Messenger

4. Return to the orc camp and find the White Hand Messenger (signature) who wanders between this camp and the next one; head west through the camp and you will spot him eventually. Kill him for the Orc Orders.

5. Return to Candaith and turn in the B2C2. Accept the followup [22] 2C3: War-master Uzzor also take [22]Orc Thieves and [22]Preparing for the Future.

6. Leave the camp and turn left and follow the stony path into the hills.

You will pass a ruined wall on the left, go past the first outcrop of rocks that follow the ruin then leave the path and turn left, through the gap in the rocks, and run down the bank towards the river (you will see a circular ruin on the opposite bank)

7. At the bottom of the bank is a ford. Cross the river, climb the hill on the opposite side and turn right into a valley, at the end is a gate - enter Bleakrift. You will find yourself in a shallow lake - follow the wall the the right and a path will be visible climbing up the mountain.  Collect battered lock-boxes and kill orcs.

8. Right at the top of the hill is War Master Uzorr. Kill him and be sure to collect the Orc Letter from the table next to him.  Retrace your steps down the hill, Candaith's bow is a random drop from the orcs here - if you don't have it yet then kill orcs until it drops. Make sure you have 8 battered lock-boxes.

9. Return to Candaith and turn in Orc-Thieves, Preparing for the Future and B3C3. Accept the follow up [22]B2C4: Light in the Darkness.

10. Leave the camp and head east up the dirt track. Follow it until you reach a fork to the right, take the fork to the top of Weathertop and investigate the Rune Covered Rock there.  Here is a good place to finish killing Crebain for their eyes so take a minute to make sure you have 12 Creaban-Eyes.

11. Return to Candaith and turn in B2C4 and Circling Eyes of the Enemy then accept [23]B2C5: Retake Weathertop - take the Solo version unless you have friends with you. Speak to Candaith to begin. Follow Candaith's instructions and be careful to only pull one pack at a time - they're swarm mobs and die fast but they do reasonable damage whilst alive.

Eventually you will reach a camp with 2 gates. Approach the western gate to trigger Bub-host's attack. After killing Bub-hosh ignore the open gate he entered by and light the wood pile to the right of the tents.  This will open the closed gate and enable you to proceed up the hill.

When killing Muz be aware that it is Throk-goth his warg who is the dangerous signature mob and not Muz himself - I'd advise getting Muz out the way first to reduce the incoming damage then burning the warg.

Rejoin Candaith who sends you to the final battle alone.  Be aware you receive Inspired Greatness - this fight is not as suicidal as it first looks!  Kill Rigul then all his orcs. Finally kill the troll - kiting is useful here if you are squishy. Talk to Candaith to finish and travel back to his camp.

12. Talk to Candaith again and turn in B2C5 and accept [25] B2C6: Protected by the Eglain. Ask him to show you his travel locations and take a free ride to the Forsaken Inn. Talk to Pip Wortley the stable master to get the Stable Route.

The Forsaken Inn (22)

1. Before entering the Forsaken Inn talk to Constable Bram Ashleaf and accept [22] Noble Deeds. Enter the Inn and accept all available quests:

  • Arinora: Continue From The Forsaken Inn and accept [22] Blankets from the Baying Wolves, [22] Fluffing the Pillows, [22] By Hoof and Crook.
  • Gararic Munce: Continue From The Forsaken Inn and B2C6 and accept [23] A Greater Theft, [23] Hunters Become Prey, [23] Vengeance for the Lost and [23]Bounty:Goblin Scabbards.
  • Falster the Fox: Continue From The Forsaken Inn and accept [23] Falster's Request
  • Lieva Dourlily: Continue From The Forsaken Inn and accept [23] Bounty: Goblin Tankards
  • Anlaf the Forlorn: Turn in From The Forsaken Inn (10TP), Thistlewool's Sullied Name and Forsaken and Folorn and accept [22] Missing Supply Cart
  • Talk to Candac Brightwood and turn in Candac's Delay and accept [23]Candac's Obligation
  • Speak to Gadaric Munce again to finish B2C6. Accept [27]B2C7: Radagast the Brown

2. Exit the inn and follow the road west into Bree-land, continue due west along a dirt track and investigate the Destroyed Supply Cart.

3. Continue west past a small Orc camp to find the Cart Driver propped against a tree.

4. Return to the Forsaken Inn and speak to Anlaf to complete Missing Supply Cart. Accept the follow up [22] Goblin Exiles and talk to Lieva Dourlily to pick up [22] Enfeebling the Foe and [23] Goblin Packmaster

Goblin Trouble (22-23)

From now on kill wolves, boars, craban and wargs on sight.

1. Exit the Inn and follow the road east, past the ruined bridge

2. Bear left when you pass a tall forked tree on the left of the path.

3.Head north across the downs until you reach the first of a series of small goblin camps at Weatherfoot. As you kill Orcs keep an eye out for a notification that you have picked up an item that starts a quest - the Polished Pendant is a random drop, when you get it go straight to the northern Orc Camps in the area and find Pengail (32.0,38.5). Speak to him to complete A Polished Pendant and accept A Deal Gone Sour. Escort Pengail to safety - you will kill a lot of the Orcs you need doing this quest so it's best to do it as soon as you can to avoid wasting time on unnecessary kills

  • Luz patrols around here so keep an eye out for him and kill him.
  • Poison 6 Goblin Food-barrels (found amongst the the tents of the camps in the area)
  • Kill 8 White-hand guards, 8 White-Hand Spear-throwers and a White Hand Thrasher
  • If necessary kill more goblins until you collect 10 goblin-tabbards and 10 goblin-scabbards
  • Kill wargs until you collect 10 Warg-tails 
4. Exit the goblin camps to the north-west and climb up onto the hills above the inn, head north towards Candaith's Encampment and kill White Hands until you have 4 Orc-Shields and Craban until you have 8 Craban-feathers then return to the Forsaken Inn and
  • Talk to Gadaric Munce to turn in Hunters Become Prey, Vengeance for the Lost and Bounty: Goblin Scabbards.  Re-accept [23]Bounty: Goblin Scabbards.
  • Talk to Lieva Dourlily to turn in Goblin Packmaster, Enfeebling the Foe and the Bounty: Goblin Tabards quests. Re-accept [23]Bounty: Goblin Tabbards. 
  • Talk to  Anlaf the Forlorn to turn in Goblin-Exiles and A Deal Gone Sour

Minas Eriol (part one) (22-23)

1. Exit the Inn and follow the road east

2. Take the fork to the south just after the stable master and follow the path through the valley. Be sure to kill any boars you see.

3. You will reach a fork in the road where you can go upwards and right or left towards a camp fire. Go up the hill on the right towards a wall with a gateway.  Pass through the gateway and head up the stairs and into the ruins collecting heading for the large bridge over the gorge and making sure you collect 10 Trade Bundles,10 Goblin Scabbards and 10 Goblin Tabbards on your way.

4. Cross the bridge, skirt the circular ruin and continue north until you reach a path. Bear left and follow the path north

5.Take the left hand fork in front of the ruins down a hill and explore the warg-infested ruins and collect 5 Ancient Pottery Shards, also search any Arnorian Rubble you see.

When you have all the pottery leave following the road to the west and follow its twisting path out of the valley.  Continue to search Arnorian Rubble until you  have 5 Arnorian Heirlooms and 5 Arnorian Coinst

You will encounter stealthed Yellowfangs on the way then north - kill them until you have 10 Wolf-Teeth and 6 Bushy Wolf-Tails

6. Eventually you will reach the fork with the campfire (3) and should bear right to exit the area then return to the Inn. Make sure you have killed enough boars to collect 8 boar leg-bones, 8 boar-feet and 3 boar-tusks- if not grab a few on the way back.  At the Inn:

  • Speak to Constable Bram Ashleaf to turn in Noble Deeds and accept [24] My Deputy
  • Speak to Arinora and turn in Blankets from Baying Wolves, By Hoof and Crook and Fluffing the Pillows
  • Speak to Falster and turn in Falster's Request
  • Speak to Gadaric and turn in A Greater Theft and Bounty: Goblin-Scabbards (reaccept this). Accept [24]My Brother Hunulf
  • Speak to Candac and turn in Candac's Obligation
  • Speak to Lieva and turn in Bounty:Goblin Tabbards (reaccept this)

The Eglain Camp (23-24)

1. Exit the Inn and follow the road east until it heads steeply uphill.

2. Leave the path at the foot of the hill and strike right (south east) across the hills.

3. When you reach a pebbled depression turn due south and ride uphill towards a stone bridge, take the staircase just past the bridge and enter the Eglain Camp:

  • Speak to Hunulf Munce and complete My Brother Hunulf.  Accept [24] Burning the Dead, [24] Lost in their Webs, [24] Weaves Beneath the Ruins and [25] Our Greatest Find. Discuss B2C7 with Hunulf to learn that Radagast is in the ruins of Ost Guruth.
  • Speak to Old Mugwort and accept [25] Better Blankets and [25] A Fitting Meal
  • Speak to Deputy Osmann to turn in My Deputy and accept [25] The Goblin-Leader
4. Exit the camp by going down the stairs and out onto the plains and take a wide loop through the quest area killing Lynx (Bush Hunters) until you collect 8 Soft Lynx-Hides and 8 Slabs of Lynx-meats.

5. Return to the Eglain Camp and speak to Old Mugwort to turn in Better Blankets and A Fitting Meal and accept [25] Raising the Warg's Ire.

Minas Eriol (part 2) (24)

1. Exit the Camp by crossing the bridge into Ost Laden - be aware that the mobs here are signature. You can kill your way thorough them but it's quicker to just run through and jump down into the central gorge.

2. Head in a generally northern direction and kill spiders (signature) until you collect  6 Inky Moor-web eyes and 6 Crimson Moor-web Eyes. Also collect any Elgan-Treasures you see and burn Eglan-Corpses.

3. When you have collected all the Eyes look for a fork in the path in the northern end of the ravine and turn under the stone bridge into an area with non-signature spiders. Ensure you have burned 9 Corpses and collected 10 treasures and exit through the gate at the end.

4. Turn left and ride due west until you are reach a small camp-fire then bear right and head out of Minas Eriol.  Skirt around the mountains to the east until you return to the Eglain camp (this is much faster than  fighting through the signature mobs to return directly). At the camp speak to Hunulf and turn in Lost in their Webs, Weavers Beneath the Ruins, Burning the Dead and (if you've finished it) Our Greatest Find. Accept [25] Half Breed Thieves, [25]A Righteous Recovery, [25] Sever the White Hand and [25] Stocky Folk From the West

5. Exit the camp, cross the bridge and enter the ruins. Take a left and go through the doorway. Climb the bank on the left onto the wall and jump down into the room below. Exit through the doorway and go left down the hall, continue until you exit onto a grassy bank and cross the rope bridge to your left. Skirt left and follow the edge of the crevasse around and behind the large circular building. Cross another rope bridge and enter the fortified camp.

Progress cautiously to the stone building at the top of the hill and do not enter - turn left and you will see Nishruk - kill him.

Cross back over the first bridge and turn left to skirt around the circular stone building. Cross the stone bridge on your left and in front you will be a large hill. Circle around the hill in a clockwise direction until you find a path up towards the top (on the eastern flank). Climb the hill to find Leofwenna and accept [23] A Daring Rescue.

6.Escort Leofwenna to safety then run back to the  Eglain camp and speak to Deputy Osmann and turn in The Goblin-Leader.

Preparations for Iorvinas (24)

1. Exit the camp descending the stairs and returning to the plains.

2. Ride west across the plains killling any Half Orcs you see on the way until you reach Iorvinas. Talk to Refr Quicksilver and turn in  Stocky Folk from the West and accept [25] Dour Dwarves.

3. Ride around the mound and head south to the ruins of Thandobel, Recover a poorly guarded Dwarven Banner and return to Refr. Turn in the Dour Dwarves and accept [25] A Dwarf's Duty and [25] Enemies of the Eglain

Into Iorvinas (24-25)

Now enter Iorvinas, descend the stairs and talk to Henir to receive [26] There is Something in these Halls and Logi for [26] Dwarves with Orc Weapons and [26] Orcs and Dwarves then descend into the mine

Go left (east) to kill 8 Tarkrips and collect 8 Dwarf-pickaxes and then retrace your steps go west to kill 8 Dwarves and collect 8 Orc-weapons

Return to the quest-givers and turn in all 3 quests. Accept [26] Dwarf, Interrupted from Logi and [26] Orc, Interupted from Henir and go back down into the dungeon.  Turn right and go into the Dwarven room then clear your way to the second tunnel at the southern end of the room.  Work your way along here and clear the regular guards before taking out Angar Irongut.  Keep going along the tunnel and kill 2 Tarkrips in the next room.  Just behind the tree in this room you will find the orc boss Gnashrakh. 

Return to the quest-givers and turn Orc, Interrupted and Dwarf, Interrupted then leave the dungeon and speak to Refr to accept [26]Towards the Eglain.

Iornivas to Ost Guruth (25)

1. Loop around Iorvinas and head south-south-west, between the two dwarven camps

2. Head for a steep path up into the hills and enter Mithrenost through a stone doorway.  Follow the path into a large courtyard and exit right (north) up a flight of stairs.

3. Continue through the camp in a northerly direction until you find the Dourhand Chief (kill first) and the Dourhand Overseer. Exit by retracing your steps ensuring you have collected 12 Dourhand Axes (Kill Outlaws & Warriors if you need more) and return to Iorvinas. Talk to Refr and turn in Enemies of the Eglain and A Dwarf's Duty.

4. Head north from Iorvinas onto the road and go west until you reach a signpost. Leave the road and head north into the ruins of Naerost following a dirt track.Follow the track through the ruins killing orcs and collection 10 Ancient Artifacts and 8 Stolen Crates.

5.When you reach a raised circular ruin circle all the way around it anti-clockwise to collect all the goodies then climb the stairs on the west side of the room.  Continue climbing stairs until you reach the top and find a semicircular wall. Behind this wall is Hontimurz and his 4 guards.  I prefer to kill the guards first to reduce incoming damage and then kill Hontimurz (I soloed this easily on my rune-keeper; on my warden I struggled to take the adds out before I took too much damage - if your damage isn't great either find a friend or pull Hontimurz away from his spawn point and focus on killing (and looting) his corpse then accept your inevitable death and revive!).

6. Exit the ruins and ensure  you have killed a total of 24 Half-Orcs and collected 10 Ancient Artifacts and 8 Stolen Crates then return to the road and ride east until you see a path forking off to the left, take this towards the ruins.

7. Speak to Unni to get the stable location then climb the stairs into Ost Guruth

Ost Guruth (25)

1.Speak to Frideric The Elder and turn in Towards the Eglain. Accept [28]Hana's Dream, [20]Ost Guruth to The Forsaken Inn, and [30]To Agumaur. Continue straight down the path and through the doorway into the circular keep.

2. Speak to Hana the Young and complete Hana's Dream and accept [28] Noisome Neighbours and [30] Oatmeal Problems

3. Enter the tower and climb the stairs to find Radagast the Brown. Turn in B2C7 and accept [27]B2C8: The Red Swamp.

4.Exit the tower and bear right looking for 2 men by a campfire. Talk to Stanric and accept [26] Venom of the Runestalkers and from Tortwil accept [26] Elders in the Shadows, [26] A Plague of Spiders and [26] Profound Losses.

5.Pass through the gap in the wall just west of the campfire and speak to Daegwalt to turn in An Honourless People

6.Make your way back to the gate and speak to Frideric again to accept [27]An Offering of Peace.

Culling the Spiders (25-26)

1. Exit Ost Guruth and take a right past the stable master
2. Bear north west towards a mountain pass where the spiders have made their lair.Enter the lair and kill spiders and burn Spider Egg Sacs
3. The Ruin-web Trapper is stealthed and can be tricky to find. It has several spawn points so try them all until it jumps you

  • At the back of the room opposite the entrance (with the cocoons in)
  • Underneath the stone bridge
  • Up on the hill (here it has 2 ambushers with it)

4 The Ruin Web Spinner is to the south west of the area (not stealthed)

5 The Ruin Web Weaver is over the stone bridge to the north

6. Ensure you have 12 Spider Poison-sacs and have burned 12 egg sacs then return to Ost Guruth. Talk to Stanric and turn in Venom of the Ruin-Stalkers and accept [27]A Plague Upon Us. Talk to Tortwil and turn in Elders in the Shadows, A Plague of Spiders and Profound Losses.

7. Cut through the gap in the wall and talk to the Bowyer Grimdeal. Accept [27]Iron Jaws, [27]Man Slayers and [27]Master of the Lash.

A Plague of Tarkrips (26)

1. Leave Ost Guruth and return to the road

2. Head west along the road until you see a ruin on your left. Head south into the ruin of Ost Cyrn and kill Tarkrips. Start by taking one of the staircases upwards and keep heading upwards until you find the Tarkrip slaughterer (he's at the highest point) then go back down and find A Barrel of Flesh and Bloated Corpse in the camps around the base of the ruins. Ensure you have collected 20 Orc-swords and killed 12 Angered Tarkrips and 10 Dreadful Tarkrips and then return to Ost Guruth.

3. Speak to Stanric (by the campfire) and turn in A Plague Upon Us and accept [27] Terror in the Sky and [29] Well Prepared.

4. Pass through the gap in the wall and speak to Grimdeal to turn in Man-Slayers and Master of the Lash.

Of Wing & Claw (26-27)

1. Leave Ost Guruth to the south and ride parallel to the road but a little to the north and kill Wargs and Gore Crows.  When you reach the eastern end of the quest area cross over the road and return west on the southern side again killing Wargs and Gore Crows.w

2. Make sure you've killed 10 Wargs and then ride west to the Eglain Camp and turn in Half Breed Thieves, A Righteous Recovery and Sever the White Hand to Hunulf and accept [26] Earned Trust.  Turn Raising the Wargs Ire into Old Mugwort and accept [25] Drawing the Pack.

3. Ride north-east from the Eglain Camp until you reach a stone table. Interact with it to summon Shadepaw and kill him. Kill any remaining Wargs & Gore Crow sto complete An Offering of Peace, Iron Jaws and Terror in the Sky and then return to the Eglain Camp and turn the Drawing the Pack in to Mugwort.

4. Ride west to the Forsaken Inn and enter the Inn and speak to Candac Brightwood to turn in Ost Guruth to The Forsaken Inn. Speak to Anlaf and continue Oatmeal Problems.  Also turn in Goblin Scabbards and Goblin Tabbards.

5. Purchase a ride back to Ost Guruth and speak to Frideric to turn in Earned Trust and accept [29] Supporting our Scouts.

6.Visit Stanric (by the campfire) to turn in  Terror in the Sky then cut through the gap in the wall and turn in Iron-Jaws to Grimdeal.

Haragmar & Dol Vaeg (27-28)

1. Exit Ost Guruth through the north-east exit (by Radagast Tower) and head down into the swamp of Haragmar and kill Norbogs and search 10 bog-prowler nests for Bog Moss.

2. Ride west up the grassy path and return to Ost Guruth through it's eastern entrance.

3. Head in towards the tower on your right and turn in Noisome Neighbours to Hana. Enter the tower and turn in B2C8 to Radagast. Accept [28]B2C9: The Bloated Dead.

4. Exit Ost Guruth and ride south-east through the swamp of Haragmar until you reach Dol Vaeg (high on the hills on the eastern side of the swamp in a ruin with 4 tall pillars) - :
  • Speak  to Northrim to continue Well Prepared, accept [29] Clear Water. 
  • Speak to Cwendreda to complete Supporting our Scouts and accept [28] Aid to Earn, [29] The Master of the Ruins and [28] Walking Dead
5.Head east from Dol Vaeg and kill boars until you reach the river

6. Fill the water bladder from the shore to the left of the bridge.

7. Return west to Dol Vaeg killing boars until you have collected 8 Haunches of Boar meat, 12 Boar meat and 12 Boar Stomachs.

8. Speak to Northrim and turn in Well-prepared and Clear Water

9. Head north into Talatth Gaun and towards the ruins of Haragmar in the East - do not actually enter the ruins of Nan Dhelu but roam the hills surrounding them and kill 15 wights.

10. Ride west and return to Ost Guruth through the east entrance. Enter the tower and turn B2C9 into Radagast. Accept [28] B2C10 Breeders of the Dead. Ride south and speak  to Friederic the Elder to turn in An Offering of Peace and accept [28] An Offering of Peace, Part II

11. Exit Ost Guruth through the east exit, return to the ruins.  This time approach the ruins from the south and kill the Gaunt War-Singer at the foot of the stairs. Loot the corpse for a medallion. Don't climb the stairs but go east and clear wights until you see another Gaunt War Singer. Kill it. These mobs are not easy to kill - burn the Singer quickly and if you can interrupt his summon do so to prevent a second minion spawning. Use potions etc to survive the fight and kill regular wights between gaunt men to let your cool-downs refresh. Repeat until you have 5 medallions.

12. Keep an eye out for the Master of Nan Dhelu - he patrols the area so kill him when you see him.

13. Make sure you have killed 24 wights and collected 18 valuable treasures then exit the ruins and return to Dol Vaeg.

14. Speak to Cwendreda and turn in Aid to Earn, The Master of the Ruins and Walking Dead

15. Ride west and return to Ost Guruth and turn in B2C10 to Radagast. Accept [29] B2C11: The Stone-Speaker

Harloeg (28-29)

1.Speak to Frideric the Elder to accept [29] The Stone Speaker then ride south from Ost Guruth to the giants camp at Tornstones.  Speak to Kekkonen and turn in An Offering Of Peace II and accept [29] One Called Galrip, [29] Our Past in Stone and [29] Pursued by the Past.

2. Ride west from Tornstones until you see a valley opening on your left and ride south into the valley.

3. Bear east into the woods and work your way south:
  • Kill trolls. They are lvl 30 signature mobs will high HP but they suffer a minor knockback every time you do direct damage so they actually deliver very little damage to you. 
  •  Keep an eye out for Galrip who patrols the area and kill him when you see him.
  • Ensure you have collected 10 Etched Stones (drop from Giants)
4. Ride south-west out of the forest to find the ruins of  Ost Haer. 
  • Speak to Aric the Stone-Speaker and turn in B2C11 and The Stone Speaker. Accept [29] B2C12: A Dead Man's Challenge. Only take [33] the Shattered Past if you plan to run the Gart Agarwen Instances.
  • Speak to Emelin and continue B2C12. Defeat the two guards and speak to Emelin again to complete the quest. Accept [30]B2:C13 In the Gaunt Lords Grasp
  • Speak to Narthan and accept [30] Pushing Back the Past, [30] Rest at Last and [30] Something yet to be Found
4. There is a shortage of quests around 27-29. If you have not reached 29 yet then repeat the following step until you do (the 1,200 xp/quest makes this more efficient than just killing randomly). If you're reached 29 you can skip this step if you want to.
  • Speak  to Glaednoth and accept [29]Bounty: Crunchy Crawlers, [29]Bounty: Soggy Mushroom Mash and [29]Bounty:Sickle Fly Pudding
  • Exit Ost Haer and head north into the marsh:
    • Kill Sickle Flies for 10 gizzards
    • Collect 10 Soggy Mushrooms
    • Kill Muck Crawlers for 10 crunchy crawler meat
  • Return to Ost Haer and turn in the 3 Bounty quests to Gladenorth.
6. Exit Ost Haer and head west into the ruins, make your way towards the south-west corner of the ruins and climb up into the ruins to take on Brudhraw (his guards do not engage)

7. Make your way out of the ruins ensuring that:
  •  You kill 24 wights in total 
  • You receive the signet-ring drop for Something Yet to be Found
  • You kill Gostoth (who patrols the area)
8. Return to Ost Haer and:
  • Speak to Narthan and turn in Pushing back the Past, Something yet to be Found and Rest at Last
  • Speak to Emelin and turn in B2C13. Accept [30] B2C14: The History of the Red Maid
9. Exit the swamp to the north, climb up onto the hills and return to the giants camp  at Tornstones. Speak to Kekkonen and turn in Pursued by the Past, Our Past in Stone and One Called Galrip. Accept the follow up [29] A Brokered Peace.

10. Return to Ost Guruth and speak to Frideric to turn in A Brokered Peace and then visit the Lore Tower and turn B2C14 into Radagast

11. Accept [30]B3C15: The Red Pass and complete the instance. At the end of the instance Radagast will send you to Agamaur

Barad Dhorn (29-30)

Firstly: An excellent map of Agamaur (with far more detail than mine!) has been drawn by The Brasse - I highly recommend it!

1. At Barad Dhorn
  • Speak to Elsa the Bold and continue B2C15
  • Go into the tower (through the Door) and speak to Radagast to complete B2C15. Accept [31]B2C16: Agamaur Secured, [30]Merciful Release, [30]Fallen Oak, [30] The Tainted Living and [32]Grimbark's Reclamation
  • Speak to Eriac the Strong and complete To Agamaur. Accept [30] Dead Rising, [31] Angmar's Dead, [31] Cutting off the hand and [31] Dead Water.
  • Speak to Elsa again and continue B2C16
  • Speak to Dannasen and accept [31]Vessel of Purity, [30]Vengeance Comes and [31]Rhudaur's Traitors
2. Exit the camp to the north and enter the woods, continue north until you enter the swap of Agamaur. Kill wights as you pass through the swamp and bear west through the swamp until you reach a raised ruin in the far south west. Climb the ruin to kill Reykur and acquire the Urn of Agamaur.

3. Locate and kill 3 gaunt protectors as you head east back through the swamp - the coordinates are as follows:

  • 29.4s 28.1w
  • 29.7s 28.9w
  • 29.8s 28.4w
4. Head towards the northern edge of the swamp and into the indicated area, kill any twisted trees and bog prowlers you see and collect from corrupted swamps.

5. Make your way to the north west corner and in what appears to be a dead end you will find two twisted trees - they cannot be pulled separately so be prepared to use potions etc if you need to.  After the trees are dead run up to where they were originally and you will see a passage into a clearing. Enter the clearing and clear out as many creeping red-root as you can then kill Gloomleaf.

6.Return through the forested swamp and exit to the south through Barad Dhorn, on your way ensure that you:
  • Search Corrupted Stumps for 9 bark strips
  • Kill 7 Twisted Blood Oaks/Maples
  • Kill 15 Bog Prowlers
6. Exit Barad Dhorn to the east into the southern swamp area. Head east through the swamp until you find a small coffin on a circular platform

7. Pass by the coffin and you will find a curving path leading away into the woods. Follow it until it opens out into an area filled with Gloom Waters. Head into the center of the ruins and locate the Altar of the Red Maid. Fill the Urn of Agamaur.  Kill Gloom Waters until you have 15 Ancient Tokens.

9. Return to Barad Dhorn and:
  • Speak to Eriac the Strong and turn in Dead Risaing, Cutting off the Hand, Dead Water and Angmar's Dead
  • Speak to Dannasen and turn in Vessel of Purity, accept [32] For the Love of Nature
  • Enter the tower and speak to Radagast to continue For the Love of Nature and turn in Fallen Oak, Merciful Release and The Tainted Living. 
  • Return to Dannasen and complete For the Love of Nature.
We have not accepted any of the Garth Agarwen quests (this is a fellowship instance).These are not practical to solo (mobs have ~3,500HP) so I will not be covering these quests in this guide.

Finishing Up

Exit Agamaur and ride south then follow the mountain ridge to your right, skirting the swamp, to return to Ost Guruth
  • Speak to Hana to continue B2C16
  • Speak to Frideric to complete B2C16.  
Starting the next adventure

Book 2 is now completed. Whilst we're in the Lone Lands it makes sense to start the foreword to book 3 even though we won't actually do the main quest line until later (it's too high level right now)

1. Speak to Friedrich the Elder and accept [34]B3: Foreword, Fires in the North. 

2. Exit to the south and ride west to Candaith's encampment at (30.2, 37.9). Speak to Candaith to continue B3:FW.

That's all for now - I would suggest returning to Bree to train and turn in skills and then taking the free fast-travel route to Michel Delving from where you can ride north to Evendim to continue levelling


  1. There is an alternative to going through the ruins across from the Eglain camp. A player may head back towards The Forsaken Inn and approach the ruins from the "softer" side where the enemies are the generic version and not the elites. It is the same path you take when gathering Arnorian Heirlooms and the Arnorian Coins. You can enter the ravine by passing through the Warg section or at the split near the campsite head straight into the ruins. It may take longe. But, it's safer and easier.

  2. It is also worthy to note that Iorvinas is an excellent location for players that have chosen the Historian crafting profession to collect Tier 3 scholar materials from antique vases (Faded Sindarin Passages mainly).