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Book 4: Chasing Shadows (40)

Before we Start

This guide covers only the Book 4 Epic Quest and does not cover the Trollshaws quests.  Trollshaws is not an area I quested in as there is heavy overlap in level ranges (30-40) with Evendim which I find offers a better levelling experience.

Note that your Class Legendary quests become available at level 39. I highly recommend visiting your trainer  in Bree and purchasing the Legendary books from them (there are 3, one for each path - buy them all and each will open a new deed) before you head to Rivendell

This quest starts in Rivendell, if you haven't been there before then read my guide to getting to Rivendell

The Epic Quest

This is the quest of endless running backwards and forwards.  Bind your hearthstone to Rivendell and prepare for a lot of time on stable routes / horseback.  You might even like to consider paying some TP for Mithril coins to jump straight to quest givers. 

1.Once in Rivendell go to the Guest Rooms (30.7,6.2). Speak to Aragorn and:
  • If you followed my Evendim guide you will still have Book 3:Chapter 7 active in your quest log and also A Dangerous Road turn these in.
  • Accept Book 4, Foreword: The Troubles of Rivendell
2. Exit the Guest Rooms and follow the path west then north across the river then north-west up the hill to The Last Homely House (29.6,3.3). Elrond is found in his library on the top floor (up the stairs in front of ou when you enter, around to the right and up again then on your left)

3. Speak to Elrond and complete B4:FW. Accept [37]B4:C1: Where is the Horse and the Rider?

3a.. If you followed my Evendim guide you can turn in Refuge of the Elves to Elrond, if not don't worry it doesn't block any other quests.

3b. If you followed my earlier advice you should visit your class-specific NPC and accept the 3 quests that let you start collecting pages for your Legendary Books.  Reading the deed text will tell you who to visit, alternatively see the list below:
  • Burglar: Bilbo
  • Captain: Boromir
  • Champion: Gimli
  • Guardian: Samwise Gamgee
  • Hunter: Legolas (in the Guest Rooms)
  • Lore-Master: Elrond (in the Last Homely House Library) / Gandalf
  • Minstrel: Lindir
  • Rune-Keeper: Elrond (in the Last Homely House Library)
  • Warden: Aragorn (in the Guest Rooms)
4. Exit the Last Homely House and visit the stable master and purchase a ride to Thorenhad. Speak to Elladan (31.6,15.2) and complete B4C1. Accept [38]B4C2: The Missing Rider.

5. Exit the camp to the south then follow the main road west until it opens into a large clearing (34.1,18.1) and leave the road to head south through the mountain pass (34.8,18.1).

6. Assuming you are not in a full fellowship you will reach a point in the pass (35.6,18.1) where "Strength swells within your chest". Look in your bag and use the Elf Stone there to receive the Inspiration buff.

7. Continue along the path (the Inspiration buff makes the elite 34 trolls easy prey) until you reach a doorway on your left guarded by Corcur (36.4,18.5). Enter the courtyard and work your way to the Black Horse Corpse (36.6,18.4). Investigate the corpse being careful not to pull the patrolling Cargul Searchers (purple, level 75 signature mobs!)

8.Return to Elladan and complete B4C2. Accept [38]B4C3: The Wisdom of Lord Glorifindel and purchase a ride back to Rivendell from Breglobor

9. Once at Rivendell ride to the Last Homely House and cross the small bridge outside the entrance then ride along the grassy hill to the east to find Glorfindel (30.1,3.1). Speak to Glorfindel and continue B4C3.

10. To progress the quest you need to go to the Ford of Bruinen.  You can either ride out of the city to the south and make your way down the mountain to the ford or visit the stable-master and purchase a ride to Thorenhad then jump off when you reach the ford.

11. Return to Glorifindel (just ride back) and turn in B4C3. Accept [38]B4C4: Regaining the Trail. Go visit stable master Ladrochan again and buy a ride to Thorenhad.

12.Speak to Elladan and turn in B4C4. Accept [39]B4C5: Hiding in the Dark.

13. Exit Thorenhad and ride east-south-east until you reach a portal at the mouth of the cave of Nurath (32.2,13.4). Walk forward a few paces and you will be informed that you can "use the Shimmering Elf-stone here to draw upon inspiration"; look in your bag, find the Elf-stone and use it. Work your way through the cave system until you have "reached the deeped chamber of Nurath". Use Glorifinde's Beryl then leave the cave.

14. Ride south to the main path and then head west until you see Rochwen standing beside the road (33.2,2.2). Leave the path and head into the shallow valley to the north until you find the cave of Torogrod. Note that there are elite trolls outside but you can run straight past them into the instanced cave and they won't follow. Again you can use the Elf Stone just inside the cave to gain inspiration (note that there is a 10 min debuff when Inspiration expires, you may need to wait a few minutes for this to wear off before you get started). Head into the cave until you reach the deepest chamber, use Glorifindel's Beryl and then exit the cave.

15. Ride through the stone gateway just north of Torogrod (29.5,20.1) and follow the valley west to Thingroth; again there are elite mobs roaming outside the caves and it is easiest to just run straight past them. Enter the cave, apply Inspiration, go to the deepest chamber, use Glorifindel's Beryl and exit the cave.

16. Exit the valley to the south (just retrace your steps), return to the main road and ride back to Thorenhad. Speak to Elladan to complete B4C5 and accept [39]B4C6: The Knowledge of the Ondodrim.

17. Exit Thorenhad, ride south to the main road, ride west until you find Rochwen standing by the road then leave the path and head south until you see a path leading into the mountain (33.9,20.1). Follow the path to Barachen's Camp and speak to Barachen to continue B4C6.

18. Exit the camp, return to the main road and ride east to the Ford of Bruinen. Cross the Ford and head up into the mountains; keep climbing until you reach the campfire (33.9,8.1) then enter the valley just past it to the east and ride south into Giant Valley. You will find Onodrim just inside the valley by the north wall (34.7,7.4). Speak to him to continue B4C6 and when he turns on you kill him (lvl 41 signature).

19. Ride out of the valley, down the mountain, across the Ford of Bruinen and return to Thorenhad. Speak to Elladan to turnin B4C6 and accept [40]B4C7: The Aid of Mirkwood.

20. Buy a ride back to Rivendell and visit the Last Homely House to speak to Elrond and continue B4C7

21. Ride to the Guest Rooms and speak to Legolas to finish B4C7. Accept [40]B4C8: The unmarked trail and speak to him again to travel to the instance.

22. Follow Legolas through the instance (enjoy the automatic inspiration buff). It's a pretty straightforward instance, just kill everything in sight! If you notice you're experiencing dread stay closer to Legolas - he has a hope aura which negates it.. When you're done speak to Legolas again to exit the instance.

23. Speak to Legolas in the Guest Rooms to complete B4C8 and accept [42]B4C9: Hasten Their Departure.

24. Ride to the Last Homely Home and speak to Elrond to turn in B4C9. You have now completed Book 4.

Time to move onto Book 5 - read the guide here

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