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Prologue: Elves

The Prologue begins after you finish the Intro quests.  Elves will find themselves in Celondim next to an elf called Eilian.

1. Speak to Eilian and accept [5]Prologue: At the Behest of Cardavor

2. Run north to the docks and speak to Cardavor, who is standing by the mailbox opposite the docks, turn in Prologue: At the Behest of Cardavor and accept [6] Prologue: Unlike Avorthal

3. Open the Mailbox, read your message an detach the Gift Pack then go south a few paces to the Milestone and set it as your home. Look in your bag and open the Gift Pack - this will give you some free items and a new Gift for a Starting Adventurer which you should also open. Each Gift can be opened at a specific level and will give you some items and another Gift Box - be sure to open them for the freebies!

4. Check your bag for A Letter of Commendation and accept [5]A Message of Thanks 

5. Look towards the docks and speak to Laenin the Glade Watcher to turn in A Message of Thanks and accept [6] In Defence of the Forest. I would suggest bartering with him for a Novice's Mark and 2 potions of your choice

6. Run south from Laenin up the steps and through an archway, turn right once you are through the arch and follow the path up the hill until it opens out into a grassy area. Kill 6 Vale-Fly Pests as you make your way west along the dirt track

7. As the path pass through a gap in the hills you will find a small camp:
  •  Speak to Athal to turn in Prologue: Unlike Avorthal and accept Prologue: Avorthal's Favourite Haunts.
  • Speak to Ovorlas and turn in In Defence of the Forest and accept [6] Trouble at Nen Hilith
  • Speak to Glavrolnen to accept [6]Wood for Wine
  • Speak to Helhathel to accept [6]Wolves of Nen Hilith
8. Leave the camp and continue west make your way west through the woods to the eastern (right-hand) side of the lake where you will find an Elf-Satchel. Collect the satchel and return to the camp. On your journey ensure that you:
  • Kill 6 wolves
  • Search Piles of Lumber until you have 5 pieces of cask wood
9. At the camp:
  • Check your bag for an Iron Collar and accept the quest [6] Collared
  • Speak to Helhathel to turn in Wolves of Nen Hilith
  • Speak to Glavrolnen to turn in Wood for Wine and accept [6]Cooper and Cask
  • Speak to Ovorlas and turn in Trouble at Nen Hilith and Collared and accept [6]A Word of Warning
  • Speak to Athal and continue in Prologue: Avorthal's Favourite Haunts
10. Return down the dirt path to Celondim

  • Speak to Laenin the Glade Watcher at the docks and turn in A Word of Warning
  • Speak to Cardavor and turn in Prologue: Avorthal's Favourite Haunts. Accept [7] Prologue: The Wrath of the Elves

11. Head north-east from Cardavor, behind the building with the trainers in and find Mibrethil standing at the bottom of some stairs. Speak to him  and accept [6] Crafting: A Terrace in Celondim

12. Climb the stairs behind Mibrethil to the crafting terrace.

  • Look in your bag and find a letter called Outfitting Yourself and Others (from the Gift for  Starting Adventurer) and read it to get the quest by the same name.
  • Speak to Gwaloth and turn in Crafting: A Terrace in Celondim.
  • Speak to Bregedur and turn in Cooper and Cask, accept [7] Need of a Cask
  • Speak to Golphedinir, Master of Apprentices and turn in Outfitting Yourself and Others then speak to him again to choose your vocation.  There are 7 to choose from, I would suggest that you pick something that sounds interesting - a couple of notes though:
  • A Yeoman is a good choice if you want to focus on just one character as it is self sufficient and can make useful food consumables.
  • Explorers are a great choice if you want to make easy money but aren't so bothered about making things to use - you can sell the wood and ore you collect for good money on the auction house. They also work well if you want to use your main character to collect materials for alts to craft with.
  • If you want to have 2 characters then a Tinker and a Historian work well together giving you a self-sufficient Jeweller, Cook and Scholar who can supply most of your consumables.
13. Go back down the stairs and turn left to head north, climb the stairs opposite the stable master and speak to Thinglaer to accept [8] Hallowed Ground

14. Leave Celondim along the path to the north and cross the river, follow the path uphill a little way until you see a fork to the left. Take the fork and follow the path until you reach Limael's Vineyard  Speak to Brethilwen and turn in Need of a Cask. Accept [7] Gleaning the Field and [7] A Rare Vintage. 

15. Continue along the path into the vineyard and past a small lake, climb up the steps through some arches to your right and follow the path towards the large building. Pampraush is patrolling this area - kill him and return to Brethilwen, on the way make sure that you:
  • Kill 6 Blue-crag Defilers and 4 Blue-crag Sentinels
  • Collect 6 wine-flasks from the corpses of Blue-crag goblins
  • Harvest 4 grape-vines (4 by the first lake, 3 by the archways)
16. Speak to Brethilwen and turn in A Rare Vintage and Gleaning the Field and accept [7] Return the Cask (achieve Ally of Ered Luin deed for 5TP)

17. Run west from Brethilwen down towards the river and cross it above the falls (on foot). Bear south-west to find the ruins of Tham Gelair and kill 6 foul creatures (wolves or rats) then use the Stone Table in the centre of the ruin to place Thinglaer's Token.

18. Exit the ruins to the south-west and run back to Celondim. 
  • Visit the Crafting Terrace and speak to Bregedur to turn in Return the Cask. Accept [9]Gift for a Friend
  • Descend to the Docks and speak to Cardavor to turn in Prologue: The Wrath of the Elves. Accept [9]Prologue: The Master of the Refuge
  • Visit Thinglaer on the terrace opposite the Stable Master to turn in Hallowed Ground and accept [9] Calengil's Vigil
  • Follow the path north-east and speak to Toronn by the Stable Master to accept [9]Leaving Middle Earth
19. Visit Roherdir the Stable Master and buy a ride to Duillond (or run north along the path if you prefer) then:
  • Follow the path north from the Stable Master and speak to Calengil (near the fountain) to turn in Calengil's Vigil. Accept [9] Cleansing Draught. 
  • Leave Calengil down the path to the south and then head east and up the stairs onto a raised walkway where Dolengyl stands. Turn in Gift for a Friend
  • Continue over the bridge and speak to Bregar to turn in Leaving Middle-Earth. Accept [9] What was Lost and [9] Evil at Dol Ringwest
  • On the same platform speak to Dorongur Whitethorn to turn in Prologue: The Master of the Refuge and accept [11]Proglogue: The Emmisary.
20. Return down the stairs you came up and then bear south (not on the path, just run south) and down a grassy slope to the river bank where you can collect 3 Damp Fragrant Herbs (you may need to swim over to the far bank to find the third)

21. Return to Calengil by the fountain to turn in Cleansing Draught. Accept [9] Cleansing the Ruins and [9] A Cause for Concern

22. Exit Duillond to the south, past the stable master, and then run west until you find the ruins of Dol Ringwest:

  • Kill 8 Blue-crag goblins
  • Find the two towers (24.9,94.9) and (24.7,95.2) and use the Cleansing Draught at each
  • Find the Stone Cairn (24.9,95.1) and search it for the Broke Sword
  • Kill Durglup (25.0,95.1)
23. Exit the ruins and return to Duillond and:
  •  Speak to Calengil by the fountain to turn in Cleansing the Ruins and A Cause for Concern and accept [14] Glamir's Vigil
  • Speak to Bregar on the raised walkway to turn Evil at Dol Ringwest and What was Lost and accept [11]Now is Found (achieve Defender of Ered Luin deed for 10TP)
24. Exit Duillond to the north and follow the northward path until you reach a fork to the left, follow the forking path to Thrasi's Lodge and:
  • Speak to Reimar the Stable Master to get the stable route
  • Speak to Langlas to continue Now is Found
  • Speak to Celairant to accept [11] A Remarkable Bow
  • Speak to Thrasi to accept [10] The Cat's Meow
25. Run north across the path until you find the Abandoned Den. Inteact with it to continue The CAt's Meow.

26. Run east from the den towards Kheledul killing Cliff Hedroval as you see them. Run down to the ruins and, on the left hand side by the wall, find Starkath. Kill him then return to the den.

27. Ensure you have killed 6 Hendroval and then interact with the den again to collect a small Lynx Cub. then return to Thrasi's Lodge:
  • Speak to Thrasi to turn in The Cat's Meow and accept [10] Hungry Mouth's to Feed
  • Speak to Celairant to turn in A Remarkable BOw and accept [13] Someone Worthy
28. Search the traps in the nearby woods until you find a rabbit (it will take several!). Bring the rabbit to Thrasi to turn in Hungry Mouth's to Feed and accept the follow up [10] Thistle-mead

29. Run north from the lodge and collect 6 Sharp-thistle plants from the woodland then return to Thrasi to complete Thistle-Mead. Accept [10] On The Mend and speak to the Lynx-Mother to continue the quest then to Thrasi again to complete it.

30. Purchase a ride back to Duillond then run west and climb the stairs to the elevated walkway:

  • Speak to Bregar to turn in Now is Found and accept [10] The Days Ahead
  • Speak to Penglir to turn in Someone Worthy and accept [15] The Elf-Sword
31. Purchase a ride to Celondim and speak to Toronn to turn in The Days Ahead

32. Purchase a ride to Duillond and then to Gondamon:
  • Speak to Dorri to accept [10] Warming the Garrison
  • Speak to Orlygr to accept [10] Protecting the Hunt
  • Speak to Gafi to accept [10] Feeding the Outpost
  • Climb up onto the wall to the west of the gate to speak to Gailthin and finish Prologue: The Emissary. Accept [11] Prologue: Suspicious Encampment. Also acccept [13] The Elf-Stone
  • Head back to the main courtyard then climb the large steps and speak to Askell to accept [15] Gondaom to Bree-Town and [10] The Sundered Shield
33. Exit Gondamon and head north-east into the Dourhand camp
  • Kill any Bears and Dourhands you see on the way 
  • Kill the Dourhand-Chief and investigate the Sundered Shiled (18.0,96.0)
  • Find Aglarchen (17.6,96.0). Speak to him to continue PL:Supsicious Enchampment and defend him from 2 waves of 2 dwarfs
34. Exit the camp to the south ensuring you have killed 3 Sturdy Dourhands and 6 Dourhand Warriors.  Kill Bears in the woods until you have 6 Haunches of Bear-Meat.

35. Continue south, past Gondamon, and kill Lone Grey Wolves until you have 5 Wolf-pelts

36. Return to Gondamon:
  • Speak to Dorri to turn in Warming the Garrison
  • Speak to Orlygr to turn in  Protecting the Hunt
  • Speak to Gafi to turn in Feeding the Outpost
  • Speakl to Gailthin to turn in PL: Suspicious Encampment and accept[11] PL:Reluctant Allies 
  • Speak to Askell to turn in The Sundered Shield and accept [11] Vow of Vengeance
You have probably reached level 13 by this point - assuming you have an automatically granted quest has appeared on your screen: [13] Destination: Bree-Land.  At this point you can choose to either head to Bree and pick up the Man quest line there (you'll start around Staddle) or continue to play out the Elf/Dwarf quest line in Ered-Luin.  
  • If you want to go to Bree, start by climbing the large steps inside Gondamon and speaking to Askell to accept [15] Gondaom to Bree-Town then buy a ride to Thorin's Gate and take the swift-travel route to West-Bree.  Pick up the quests around Staddle (see this guide, ignore any steps relating to the Prologue) and quest until you reach level 15.

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