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Book 8: The Scourge of the North (49)

Book 8 begins in Angmar at Garth Forthnir and takes place predominantly within Angmar

Speak to Laerdan in his study to accept B8C1: The Flickering Flame. Exit Garth Forthnir and ride south, then east into Nan Gurth.

Approaching from the south head to Minas Agar and make your way into the tower. Be aware that the doors will not open if you are in combat so approach with caution!

Defeat Karstiona to retrieve Golodir's Mail Shirt.  She is a level 49 Elite and with the Inspiration Buff she is  a very easy fight.

Continue east a little way to Minas Maur (6.6,22.9) and enter the tower (again, the doors won't open if you are in combat)

Fight and defeat Prakhum to retrieve Goldir's sword. Prakhum is a level 49 Elite Master, he will summon Goblin-town Heralds throughout the fight which buff him and debuff you but he will replace them if you kill them so it's best to just to burn the boss and mop up the heralds at the end (even though they don't directly attack you they count as in-combat and the door won't open until they're dead!)

Finally, head south-east until you can gain the cliff-side path to Minas Angos and enter the tower (again, door cannot be opened in combat)

Fight and defeat Lauri Goldentongue (level 49 elite master) to retrieve the Gondorian Shield . At the start of the fight all the adds will be "friendly" but he will periodically activate them during the fight. I suggest killing them as they turn hostile as the incoming damage can become troublesome if you end up with all of them attacking you at once.

Return to Laerdan and turn in B8C1 and accept [49]B8C2: Rekindling the Flame

Travel to Esteldin in the North Downs and:
  • Speak to Daervunn (near the reflecting pool) to continue B8C2
  • Speak to Toram (near the stable-master) to continue B8C2, wait for him to complete his task, and speak to him again to continue B8C2 further
  • Return to Daervunn and turn in B8C2 and accept B8C3: Forging the Sword
Travel to Rivendell in The Trollshaws:
  • Speak to Elrond (in his library in the Last Homely House) to continue B8C3
  • Speak to Hemeldir (at the Forges of Rivendell, north-west corner of the city) to continue B8C3,wait for him to complete his task, and speak to him again to continue B8C3 further
  • Speak to Elrond to turn in B8C3
Travel to Garth Forthnir in Angmar:
  • Speak to Laerdan in his study to continue B8C4
  • Speak to Golodir in his quarters (northern tunnel) to continue B8C4 and accept [50]B8C9: Mordirith's Fall
  • Speak to Golodir again to travel to the instance
    • Follow Golodir until you reach the final fight against Mordirith
    • For the final fight I highly recommend:
      • Bring a Hope token & use it. Mordirith has a +9Dread effect
      • Watch for the Light of Dunachar effect which Golodir will peridically apply to Mordidith and focus your attacks while it's up - you will do much more damage
      • Attack Lorniel's shade whenever it appears to keep Golodir fighting (he cowers when she is present)
  • Speak to Golodir three times to finish the instance and return to Garth Forthnir
  • Speak to Golodir to turn in B8C5 and accept [50]B8C6: A Watchful Eye
Travel to Rivendell in The Trollshaws:
  • Speak to Aragorn in the Guest Rooms to turn in B8C6
Book 8 is now complete, if you have also completed the previous seven books you will complete the deed The Shadows of Angmar for 20TP and earn a new title.

Time to move on to Book 9

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