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Book 7: The Hidden Hope & Eastern Angmar (46-47)

Book 7 begins in Gabilshathur. You must have completed at least Chapter 6 of Book 6 to be able to enter Eastern Angmar - if you haven't done it yet then go do it now!

This guide includes quests in Easter Angmar which require the Angmar quest pack (795TP from the LOTRO Store) or a VIP subscription.  It is based around playing solo so whilst I include a few small-fellowship quests which can be soloed I skip over several fellowship quests which are impractical to do on your own (I will mention these when you could pick them up, if you happen to have a friend around then feel free to complete them)

Unfinished Business

If you followed my guide to Book 6 then you probably stopped short of taking the long ride east to Gabilshathur.

Take a stable-route to Aughaire (via Esteldin in the North Downs) then exit Aughaire to the north and ride east, through the mountains, then the swamp and once past the line of statues at Rammas Deluon (which will no longer kill you) skirt the lake to the south then bear south through a cleft in the mountains (2.8,26.3) to find Gabilshathur and speak to  Braigiar to turn in B6C7.

Gabilshathur (46-47)

At Gabilshathur:
  • Speak to Braigiar again to accept [46] B7C1: Hidden in Shadow
  • Speak to Banfuir to accept [47] The Secret of hte Swords
  • Speak to Avar to acept [47] Tools of the Orcs
  • Speak to Horth to get the stable-path
  • Speak to Guard-Captain Gisur to accept [47] Breathing-Space
Exit the town to the north and head east into the hills to find the Orc camp of Ongbishuk:
  • Kill 6 warriors,4 skirmisheres and 3 defilers
  • Collect 4 sawsm, 4 picks and 2 axes
Continue east through the hills to Krusl Lannan (1.3,22.9) and speak to Nethraw to turn in The Secret of the Swords. You are not given any further quests but can now pick up the seven swords by killing the thiefs who stole them. All are humans sitting by campfires:

  • Exit the valley and ride north-west to find Husidan (0.4,24.5) in another valley (entrance at 0.0,24.8) and recover The Sword of Manas
  • Exit the valley and head south to find Frangan (0.9,24.9) just oustide Ongbishuk and recover The Sword of Kevoka
  • Head west to find Dugalad (0.6,26.2) sitting beside the road that runs along the edge of the swamp and recover The Sword of Innis
Follow the path south to Gabilshathur:
  • Speak to Avar to turn in Tools of the Orcs. Decline [48] Weaspons of the Orcs as it requires killing several lvl 47 Elite mobs and isn't practical to solo.
  • Speak to Guard-Captain Gisur to turn in Breathing-Space and acept [48] The ORc-Raid. Speak to him again to continue the quest. This triggers an assault on the camp, kill the defilers and captains first for an easier fight. Speak to Gisur again to tun in The Orc Raid. Accept [49] Onward to Garth Forthnir
  • Speak to Guard Ansurr to accept [48] Gaeruan's Rage
Exit the city and ride north. Find Gaeruan's Nest in the center of the swamp pool (0.1N, 27.1W) and carry the egg north-east until you find the entrance to Grishbalt (2.3,25.6). Run straight past the guards (don't try to fight them) until you reach a large bonfire in the center of the path. This completes the quest - I suggest escaping in the confusion!

Having escaped now return to the entrance and kill Ruuraikh and retrive The Sword of Kolmak

Skirt the camp to the south to find Owen (1.7N, 24.6) and kill him to retried The Sword of Abb

Ride west through the swamp to find Tobaid (2.3,27.8) and retrieve The Sword of Anraig

Ride north, straight through the camp of Mor Madhul to find Brekhin (3.7,27.4) and retrive The Sword of Guinokh

Return south through the swamp then east through the woods to the statues and turn in all 7 Sword quests. This will also complete the deed The Seven Swords and earn you 10TP. Decline [47] The Seven Swords as it requires a fellowship to complete the instance (far too many mobs swapn to solo without Nethraw dying)

Return to Gaibshalthur and speak to Guard Ansurr to turn in Gaeruan's Rage 

Myrkworth (47)

Exit the city and follow the road north, across a bridge, then take the left-hand fork through Imlad Balchorth.  Look for a path up into the mountains (7.1,26.3) and follow it to Myrkworth.
  • Speak to Birgir to accept [48] The Highwayman
  • Speak to Oflar to accept [48] The Tincture
  • Speak to Sigar to accept [47] Destroy the Wights
  • Speak to Gautar to accept [47] Spirits of Old
  • Speak to Thorod to accept [48] Foul Waters
Note: Gautar offers 47 Spirits of Old but this requires killing Elite Mobs and isn't worth the effort. Oflar offers The Tincture but this is a long way away and the follow ups can't be soloed (Elite Masters involved) so it's not worth the effort.

Exit the camp to the west and head south along the path:
  • Watch for the patrolling Iron Crown Messenger and Iron Crown Runner and kill them for hte Angmarim orders and money-box
  • Kill 10 Ironbound WIghts
  • Collect Roiling Water from the 5 pools. There are 9 possibles but I would recommend the following (as they avoid the areas with elite mobs)
    • 6.2,26.6
    • 6.2,27.4
    • 7.0,27.4
    • 6.0,27.5
    • 7.1,27.1
Return to Myrkworth:
  • Speak to Birgir to turn in The Highwayman but decline [48] Mul Kholuim, The Keeper of Books
  • Speak to Sigar to turn in Destroy the Wights but decline [48] Eliminate the Darkwater (requires killing 10 elites, not worth the time)
  • Speak to Thorod to turn in Foul Waters. Decline [49] Discovering the Source as it's in an area infested with Elites & Signatures and not worth the effort.

Garth Forthnir (47)

Exit Myrkworth to the west and take the path north, then east, then north again until you reach a lake.
Skirt around the lake to it's northern end then take the concealed path into the mountains (entrance at 11.0,24.8) to Gath Forthnir:

  • Speak to Loborcheron to get the stable route (nearby Firingal offers [50] The Battle for Aughaire but this requires a Fellowship)
  • Continue up the path and speak to Arneth to turn in Onward to Gath Forthnir and to continue B7C1. Don't take [49] Help from the South as it needs a fellowship (waves of signature mobs & an escort to protect)
  • Enter the Door and:
    • Speak to Huriel to accept [49] Rank and File
    • Speak to Lunathron to accept [49] Bogbereth's Brood
    • Speak to Maerchiniath to accept [49] Cease and Desist but decline [49] Stamping out the Enemy (elite mobs)
    • Take the eastern fork and speak to Thoriel to accept [49] The Winged Host
    • Enter Lorniel's Quarters and speak to Lorniel to turn in B7C1 and accept [46] B7C2: Crossing the Shadow
Note: Available quests not taken:
  • Throst - [49] The Enemy's Arms (Urugarth Instance)
  • Fimreg - [50] Foreword: Bulwark of the West
  • Donaith - [49] Thinning the Horde (Urugarth Instance)
Exit the compound and speak to Areneth again to take [48] A Tenuous Thread

Exit the city down the pass and when you reach the lakeshore ride north-west up slope and into the spider infested canyons. Take the northernmost path into the spiders lair (11.7,25.1). Fight your way north until you start to see small white egg sacks on the walls of the canyon. Approach these to spawn Broodlings and kill 10

Exit the spider canyon to the south then bear east and
  • Kill 3 Morroval (lvl 49/50 signature)
  • Kill 5 Bats
Continue until you reach a large lake and cross to the far side to the Angmarim village of Bail Catharnakh
  • Kill Iron Crown Warriors for 5 Broken Swords
  • Kill Iron Crown Marksmen for 5 Broken Crossbows
  • Kills 4 Iron Crown Priests  for their staves
    • 2 patrol the road around 10.6,27.3
    • 1 patrols the road around 10.3,28.3
    • 1 at a shrine at 8.8,27.6
  • Find Raghnall (9.8,27.3) and speak to him to continue B7C2
  • Head east (9.5,27.7) to find the entry to the valley with the Banners and replace 5 Angmarim Banners with Dunedain banners
Cross back over the lake and kill the fifth priest at a shrine at 10.1,25.8.

Return to Garth Forthnir:
  • Speak to Areneth to turn in A Tenuous Thread. Decline [48] Sacrifice to the Iron Crown (leads to fellowship quests you can't solo so not worth the time).
  • Speak to Huriel to turn in Rank and File
  • Speak to Lunathron to turn in Bogbereth's Brood. Decline [50] Raid: Bogbereth (Raid!)
  • Speak to Maerchiniath to turn in Cease and Desist
  • Speak to Thoriel to turn in The Winged Host. Decline [50] Cries of the Host (Elite Master)
  • Speak to Lorniel to turn in B7C2 and accept [47] B7C3:Opening the Way
  • Speak to Laerdan (through the Door in the southern spoke of the cave) to continue B7C3
Head to Rivendell (bind your milestone to Garth Forthnir for a quick return then use your house teleport to get to Bree->Forsaken Inn>Ost Guruth->Rivendell) and speak to Elrond to finish B7C3 and accept B7C4: Dwarf Mystery

Head to Thorin's Gate in Ered Luin (Rivendell->Ost Guruth->Forsaken Inn->Bree->Thorin's Gate) and speak to Dwalin (on his throne, north of the entrance) to turn in B7C4 and accept [48] B7C5: What is Needed. If you have been questing in the Misty Mountains take [48] Dwalin's Concern.

Return to the stable master and swift-travel to Michel Delving. Speak to Keeper Brombard Foxtail outside the Mathom House (north of the stable-master) to continue B7C5

Return to the stable master and swift-travel to Bree. Exit the city to the east and the ride north, through Coombe, to Archet. Speak to Jon Brackenbrook to continue B7C5.

Ride back to Bree then swift-travel to Thorin's Gate and speak to Dwalin to continue B7C5.

Speak to Litli (on the platform just below Dwalin) to continue B7C5. Wait for him to finish his work then return to Dwalin and speak to him to turn in B7C5 and accept B7C6: Thror's Hammer.

Exit the great hall and head south-east to The Berghold (15.8,102.5) and enter Skorgrim's Tomb. There are many side passages but just go straight-ahead down the central passage to find Faerdamil (lvl 48 signature). Defeat him to complete the instance (stay inside the marked area).

Return to Dwalin to continue B7C6 then to Litli to turn in B7C6 and wait for him to make the key then accept B7C7: The Key Forged. 

Return to Garth Forthnir (milestone) and speak to Lorniel (in her quarters in the eastern tunnel  to turn in B7C7 and accept [49]B7C8: The Gates of Carn Dum. SPeak to Lorniel again to travel to the instance.
  • The inspiration buff will protect you from most of the damage in the instance. Focus on keeping all the mobs on you and off Lorniel (who has 10k HP but takes a lot of damage and can die easily if she has more than 1 mob hitting her)
  • Escort her until she cannot open a gate then take the eastern path and follow it around until you find the lever to open the locked gate
  • Escort her further until you find the final gate and Mordirith appears
  • Fight Mordirith (lvl 52 Elite Master) and defeat him- this requires bringing him down to half-health at which point he will retreat.
  • Speak to Golodir to complete the instance, again to exit the instance and a third time to turn in B7C8.
You have now finished Book Seven and the soloable quests in Eastern Angmar. Time to head back to Forochel to take care of the Northern Wastes

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